How I Do Daily Pages: Emilie Ficek

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How I Do Daily Pages: Emilie – @ajandmilasmama1

When did you start creating Daily Pages/How long have you been creating Daily Pages?

I started Daily Pages in April 2022, after lurking for several months, and officially joined the All Access group in November 2022. I have followed @rukristin on social media for many years and have always admired the work she does and the community she has created.

I started scrapbooking in 2002 after getting married, but have never been incredibly consistent with my albums. When my kids came along I had aspirations to complete baby albums but became too overwhelmed with perfectionism and never started. I did end up completing three years of project life in the mid-2010s, and have dabbled in memory journals and random prints here and there.

It was not until I found Awesome Ladies and Daily Pages that I found my creative outlet.

How/Why did you get started creating Daily Pages?

The biggest reason I started is to finally use all the paper supplies I’ve been hoarding for 20 years! I love, love, love my paper, stamps, and inks, and finally have a doable process to get the creative juices flowing on a consistent basis.

What are your favorite notebooks to use for Daily Pages? Why?

Right now I love the notebooks from the Everyday Explorers Monthly Kits. I like the square corners and the slightly larger size.

Do you have a typical Daily Pages routine? Does it change?

I like to join the daily live class if it’s possible in my schedule. Otherwise, my current goal is to create at least three times per week.

What are 3 of your most used Daily Pages supplies?

My hoard of stamps, ink, 3M ATG adhesive gun, trimmer, and paper. Scissors, can’t forget scissors!

Is there something you document in your Daily Pages notebooks that you hadn’t documented before?

Using ephemera from everyday life has been so much fun. It’s freeing to have a space to add in little bits of the everyday and not worry if it’s “perfect” or not. It’s what true scrapbooking is all about.  

Where do you create your Daily Pages? What is that space like?

I create my pages downstairs in the craft/play/spare bedroom of our basement. It’s a bit cold in the winter and humid in the summer so it feels like a true adventure of the elements everyday. I love my space!

What is your favorite thing about Daily Pages?

For sure the community. I was always somewhat hesitant about online communities, but I’m realizing the more I show up, the more connected I will feel as a part of the group. I am extremely introverted and being a part of a group is difficult for me but very beneficial to my mental health. I absolutely love the ALP.

What is one way Daily Pages stretches you creatively?

I enjoy joining the live lesson daily when I’m able to during the week. It’s so fun to try and finish a page in the 30-35 minute timeframe–I always think I can’t do it but somehow get going and am so excited about what I produce. The adrenaline rush is real! It sets me up for a positive, inspirational day. I love this group so much.

What is something that Daily Pages has taught you?

Use my stuff (I’d rather use an expletive, but will spare you all)! I have so much product and have been afraid to use it as it seemed too “precious” to me and I didn’t want to use it incorrectly.

Creating Daily Pages has lifted that sense of perfection and it’s letting me practice creative techniques I’d normally be too afraid to try. If I hate my page today, tomorrow is a whole new day and I’m one day more experienced because of it!

What is one tip you can give to someone getting started with Daily Pages?

Please, post your creations! It’s fun to see how everyone evolves as they continue sharing in the group and the magic that happens within the community.

Also don’t feel as though you have to reply to every single comment, every single time. We all have our own time constraints and sometimes being on social media platforms can seem daunting. This group accepts you for who you are and how you want to show up!

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  1. What a great read through your daily pages journey. I really liked your statement that this is a great way to use up your stash – that may just be my favorite thing! Also that this project is just for me – don’t have to show it to anyone other than this community and I can be free with whatever comes to mind each day. Love your pages and thanks for the inspiration.