How I Do Daily Pages: @AngelaS

Welcome to How I Do Daily Pages, where ALP members tell us how they use this practice to help tell the story of their lives.

How I Do Daily Pages: @AngelaS

When did you start creating Daily Pages/How long have you been creating Daily Pages?

I started creating what I call a Memory Journal back in 2020. This was before I found the ALP, and I really had no idea what to call them. I called them a Memory Journal but they really are Daily Pages. I started in November of 2020 and just wanted to create something daily. I didn’t know if it would be a journal, a smaller scrapbook page or what, but just knew that I wanted to create something daily with the limited time I have.

What type of notebook do you usually use for your Daily Pages?

I don’t actually use a notebook, but a 6×8 3 ring binder so I can make pages 6×8 and just add them in. I’ve tried Archer and Olive A5 notebooks and while they are fantastic, the bumps (I tend to create lumpy pages) just really bother me so I prefer to create a page at a time.

Where do you create your Daily Pages? What is that space like?

I create them in my craft area. This is the first time I have ever had my own dedicated craft area and I love it. I’d spend my whole day there if I could – darn adulting!!!!

Do you have a typical Daily Pages routine?

My daily pages have either a photo of real life or some type of a quote that is meaningful at the time. I will start with that photo, pull out my monthly kit that I’ve created (yes, I try to only use one kit that I’ve put together for the month), the see what I want to do.

My kit normally starts out small and fits into an IKEA kvissle container but by the end of the month, its normally bursting at the seams because I’ve added so much to it as inspiration takes hold and I just need to add a “few more things”. The thing I’m bad at is taking photos or scanning them and sharing them.

What are 3 of your most used Daily Pages supplies?

My 3 most used supplies are Cardstock, patterned paper, and stickers. Yes, my background is scrapbooking. I do try to branch out and be creative and use my stamps, inks, stencils, etc to really customize each layout to its photo theme.

What is one way Daily Pages stretches you creatively?

Doing a project daily can really make it hard to make each day unique, especially with using a kit. I really try to find new ideas for layout ideas, new ways to use supplies and make it fun because being fun is what it is all about!!

What is one tip you can give to someone getting started with Daily Pages?

Just Start!! Don’t worry if you miss a day! Its the process of starting and enjoying yourself that is so important.

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