Free Printable Book of Me Digital Paper

Hey Awesome Ladies,

I am loving the Book of Me projects that I’ve been seeing so far. When I was working on my Book of Me, I created this patterned paper with the Book of Me written logo in the background. I’m sharing it with you for you to use in your Book of Me projects as well!

If you haven’t started yet, this is a great kicking off point. Print it out and use it in any of your projects, on your mood board, or anywhere else in your creative life. Tag us if you use it on social media! @the_awesome_ladies_project #alpBookofMe

What You Get: 

  • 8.5″ x 11″ Print Quality PDF
  • 6″ x 8″ Print Quality PDF

When you checkout, these files will be sent to you via email, downloadable upon checkout, and stored in your Awesome Ladies account.

These files are for your personal use only, and should not be shared with anyone else.  Send your friends right here for them to download it themselves.

Download Here



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