Documenting during COVID-19 (part 1)

After my post on some of the great freebies that are out there to help us document this time, I thought I would do a follow-up post sharing how our family is documenting our lives during lockdown and the Covid-19 pandemic, and hopefully give you a few ideas for your own albums.
You can find my freebies post here (it’s been updated with some new freebies).

My personal book is a TN insert I created using a free dot grid printable I’ve had for ages, pages from Planners Anonymous dot grid inserts and a colouring printable from Planners Anonymous that I coloured with Copics (I also used this printable to create a pocket at the back of the book.) The inside cover was created using the free Ali Edwards Covid-19 word art.

Traveler's Notebook cover. Planners Anonymous Books & Botanicals Planner Party Freebie.

I sat down and created a master list of the pages/items I want to include:

  • an all-about-me spread
    • a selfie on the first day of lockdown, and an empty space for one at the end of all this
    • age, height, weight
    • current favourites (including favourite part of lockdown)
  • a spread of facts about life right now
    • trending TV shows (Tiger King anyone?)
    • popular music
    • new movies
    • fashion trends
    • current politicians (local, state and country)
    • average prices of items
    • what people are panic-buying in your area (it’s not just toilet paper!)
  • events that took place and how we marked them (Easter, Mother’s Day, birthdays)
  • a few spreads about the activities I’ve been up to (like making bread)
  • my feelings
  • a spread of facts and figures
  • a few pages of my favourite memes
  • news headlines
  • personal journaling
  • photos and screenshots
  • Ali Edwards’ Week in the Life
  • Covid-19 timelines– don’t forget to include important dates like when you started working from home or schooling from home.
    (Persnickety Prints has some great ones) Australians, you can find a great timeline from wilsonwilson by joining the Project Life Australia group (She has asked the password to obtain the file not be shared outside the group)
  • events that had to be canceled or postponed – think sports, concerts, weddings
  • “currently” cards

Some other things you might like to include.

Journaling prompts:

  • How are you feeling about the pandemic and situation around the world? Do you think we are doing enough? How do you think our leaders are doing? What do you think could have been done differently?
  • When did you realise that the COVID-19 was a serious situation?
  • What are you missing about life before Coronavirus?
  • Write about your worries.
  • Write about your hopes.
  • What are you thankful/grateful for right now?
  • How are you staying positive?
  • In what ways are you performing self-care? Coping with stress/mental illness?
  • Do you think you have changed since lockdown? Is it a positive or negative change?
  • Do you think there are lessons we could all learn from this pandemic?
  • How do you hope the world will change when this is all over?
  • Document your daily life. How is it different from before COVID-19?
  • What’s on your post-COVID bucket list?
  • Make a list of products that are sold out or in short supply.
  • Write about your community. What is happening? How are they helping each other? (think about more than just your local community, and don’t forget your online communities too)
  • Has anyone you know tested positive with COVID? How are they?
  • Have you tested positive? Document your journey.
  • Document ways you are staying in touch with loved ones near & far.
  • Document TV/movies watched. Books read. Podcasts or music listened to. Create a spread about your lockdown playlists
  • Work. Do you still have a job? Do you work from home? Are you an essential worker? How has your job changed?

Facts & Figures

One thing I will want to look back on will be figures and news headlines. Some great places to grab your facts & figures:

Photos/screenshots to take and add

  • selfies
  • your daily activities. Think “Day in the Life” or “Week in the Life.”
  • family activities at home.
  • you working from home
  • children schooling at home
  • online communications with family/friends
  • locations nearby – empty playgrounds, social distancing lines, empty streets, signs on shop doors/in windows
  • grocery shopping experiences. Photograph empty shelves, product limit signs, or social distancing signs.
  • screenshot social media posts or conversations
  • screenshots of emails
  • mmemes
  • Google (or your preferred search) images using the following searches
    • Coronavirus or COVID-19
    • social distancing
    • stay at home 2020
    • corona-virus or COVID-19 statistics
    • corona-virus or COVID-19 infographic
    • empty shelves
    • empty stadium/sports ground
    • empty streets
    • health care workers

Next time, I’ll be sharing how I’m helping our children document lock-down and schooling from home.

Stay safe and don’t forget to wash your hands xx

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  1. So many fantastic ideas Caroline! I have been documenting this unique time in a couple of different places, but now I’m inspired to include so many many more of these specific details. Thank you!!!