Discbound Planning

I absolutely love the flexibility of having my planner on discs. It’s how I’ve finally been able to really make a paper planner work for me. While I mainly use products from The Happy Planner, there are other disc system options out there like inkWELL Press, TUL from Office Depot, and Arc from Staples.


With a discbound planner, I can completely customize the inside and outside. I like to change the cover and the discs depending on the season or my mood. (The photo above is from my peak purple phase!)

Lately, I’ve been using mini Happy Planner discs so that my planner is slimmer and easier to fit in my work bag. I just keep three months on the discs at a time. I’ve found that I really don’t need more than that.

If you’ve never changed the discs on a planner, and want to know how to do it; Heather Kell has a great video that shows this process:

In the back of my planner, I keep lots of paper for notes and lists. With discs, I can take a list from the back of my planner and pop it into my current weekend spread. I love that I can have a planner and a notebook all in one. It’s easy to rearrange, add, or remove any page. 


If you decide to go with a discbound planner, I highly recommend getting a paper punch for it. I bought a Happy Planner one using a coupon at Michaels. I love to punch my own notepad paper and planner inserts I’ve printed. 

With a disc system, you don’t have to commit to just one brand. I love how Mary Beth (@maybe_plans) prints Passion Planner pages and then uses an Arc punch to put them on Happy Planner metal discs that coordinate with her rose gold TUL cover. 


Besides planning, I also like using discs for memory keeping. I did my 2019 December Daily in the 3×4 Happy Planner micro notes size. I liked that I could just punch a journaling card to insert it into this little album.


I will say that sometimes all the flexibility and choices can be overwhelming. I like having a definitive endpoint for some of my projects so I recently switched my daily page practice from a discbound notebook to a Field Notes journal.

Do you use a disc planner? If you have any questions about all things discs, let me know!

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  1. Love this, Juli! I have used Inkwell Press planners for years, and two years ago they went disc. Love it! Though I have moved to almost full-time bullet journaling this year (for portablility as we move into an RV), I still have a disc IWP goal planner. I also have a couple of old Arc disc notebooks; I love that I can easily switch out what I’m using them for because of the discs. I totally loved using the discs with the mini book! I may do that for upcoming #30lists books. Beautiful planner <3