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How I Do Daily Pages: @kirstendocuments

Welcome to How I Do Daily Pages, where ALP members tell us how they use this practice to help tell the story of their lives.

How I Do Daily Pages: @kirstendocuments

When did you start creating Daily Pages/How long have you been creating Daily Pages?

I started with Kristin’s 30 Days of Showing Up class in April 2020, and I haven’t stopped since.

Do you have a typical Daily Pages routine? Does it change?

My Daily Pages routine changes based on what’s going on in my life. As I’ve become more confident with Daily Pages, I’ve given myself more flexibility in setting a schedule that works for the season.

Since I work in education, I might do 2-3 Daily Pages a week during the school year, but 5 Daily Pages a week during the summer and holidays. While I was working on my December Daily, the only other scrapbooking I really did was my weekly Currently page.

When I work, I usually sit down in the afternoon/evening to make my page. On days off, I prefer to make my page in the mornings during the Daily Pages Livestream. The one thing I’ve stuck to the whole time is making a weekly Currently List page.

What are 3 of your most used Daily Pages supplies?

I love using washi tape, stamps, and pattern paper (I include bits of life papers in that, as I use them similarly.) I find these three supplies allow the most versatility and give me the most joy.

Is there something you document in your Daily Pages notebooks that you hadn’t documented before? 

Even though I documented everyday life before, I am able to focus on even smaller stories in my Daily Pages – the news story that caught my attention, one thing I’m excited/sad/angry about, a thought stuck in my head, a fun piece of mail, something I overheard, a new purchase I made, a photo or screenshot that doesn’t fit anywhere else, and so on. 

At one point I decided to use the colorful labels from beer cans in my Daily Pages. My husband and I both enjoy beer, and we live in an area that appreciates microbrews, so there are lots of choices. I loved the art work and creativity many breweries used for their brand and labels.

I didn’t want to throw them out, and I also didn’t really want to hang on to them or collect them, and I certainly wasn’t going to add them to a layout or album. Then it hit me, they would work great for Daily Pages. They fit perfectly in my notebooks, and they became a fun playground for me to add stickers, washi, stamped images, and especially currently lists.

What is your favorite thing about Daily Pages?

My favorite thing is the versatility of Daily Pages, and the running record of my life and what’s on my mind. It can be the place to vent about politics, write a gratitude list, try out a new stamp, use up all the paper scraps, or figure out which colors go together.  All of that helps tell the story of what I’m experiencing and what’s important to me.

What is something that Daily Pages has taught you?

By doing daily pages, I have learned that there is room in my life for daily creativity, and that I feel better when I have a way to express myself. I have gained confidence in what I make, and I take more risks, try more new things – nothing is lost if it doesn’t work out or look good. I can turn the page, and do something else next time. I have a much easier time letting go when things don’t turn out the way I want, and I remind myself that I’m doing this for fun.

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  1. @kirstendocuments thank you so much for sharing your experience and your pages–they are AHmaZing and truly inspiring! This really resonates ‘I have a much easier time letting go when things don’t turn out the way I want’–this has been my experience with DP as well. And the beer labels are freakin’ brilliant! Cheers!