NSD 2017 || Creative Challenge #4: What Are You Reading?

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Challenge rules: Upload your take on this challenge to the NSD Crop Gallery & document your points in your point thread. All challenges are due Monday, May 8th at 9pm. Full Challenge rules are available in the NSD Crop Forum.

Challenge #4

What are you reading?

Are you a book reader? What books have you been reading lately? Are you the type of person who re-reads the same books over again, or are you a new book every time kind of person? Do you read fiction? non-fiction? periodicals? How often do you read? Are you an every day reader? Or do you pick up a book more once in a while?

For this challenge, create a project that documents what you’ve been reading.

Here’s my example

rukristin reading harry potter awesome ladies

Join us in the NSD Challenge #4 Forum to discuss this challenge. We’d love to know how you’re interpreting this one.

Challenge #4 Forum




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