Crafty Ass Female Podcast // EP 13: A + K’s Favorite Supplies

Happy Monday Awesome Ladies!

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This week’s episode: A + K’s Favorite Supplies

In this week’s episode of Crafty Ass Female, Amanda and I are talking about our favorite supplies. We start out the episode going back and forth, listing our top five must-have go-to craft supplies. We tell you EXACTLY the items we grab most and why. We also get into the items that we take most when we leave our craft rooms for the day, whether it’s to craft across the street, or across the country.

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Call to Action:

Click over to and list your personal 5 FAVE must-have go-to craft supplies! Your items could be similar to or completely different from the bunch A + K talked about in this episode, but be truthful, participate, and submit your answers!

BONUS! When you fill out the form, you’ll automatically be entered to win a GIVEAWAY prize pack of some of A+K’s FAVE SUPPLIES delivered right to your door! xoxo


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