Canva for December Daily with Juli

Hello, Awesome Ladies, and happy December Daily! I’ve been using Canva more and more recently and thought it would be fun to show you just some of the things you can create.

Watch the video for everything you need to know!

Here is a transcript of the video:

I’ve been having a lot of fun with Canva for my December Daily. So I wanted to go on a little tour of sort of how I have things set up my foundation pages. So just to start, this is the page that I made for today, I sort of wanted a cast of characters, these are my people for my opening.

So just to show you how easy this was to put together, I use the free version of Canva. So I started with this first page, with the photos and the text that I thought, wow, that looks kind of blah. So I added the heading. This is actually where I was testing out the different fonts, I like to like visually see what the fonts look like to pick one. But even after this page was done, it just looked a little too plain for me.

So I looked at my digital stash. And I had this in a creative bubble page. And while it’s made to be like a playlist or a watch list, I thought these six spots are perfect for what I want to do. So then, when we go into this one, so I covered up the buttons down here with just a white rectangle. If I deleted it, you would see that added the same text. And then instead just did this little phrase at the bottom instead of the big headache. And one other thing I played around with was adding a filter. So this one is the original photos. This one each photo has the same filter. If you go into edit images, filters, I use this Cali filter. I thought about doing black and white, but I thought it looked a little blob with also the gray background.

So yeah, I love how easy it is in Canva to see these, you know the progress of this page without having to have separate Photoshop files. So let’s look at what else I have done so far. So this is going to be my opening page. It is just an a creative bubble tn page that I sort of expanded, if you look, I will show you what the original stuff I did it the size it was meant to be, would be sort of zoomed out like that, which is also cool. But I liked it sort of maxing out the page.

So those are really my only officially done pages as I have written done cover page. And I’m actually going to rename this done cast of characters, just a note to myself that like, okay, these ones are actually done. And what I’ll do is actually just we order them. So my book is starting to take shape. My plan is to print all these when I’m done. And I have a life crafted tn album.

And I do plan on having some physical scrapbook again it too, but for now, my crafting stuff is all packed away. So Canva is just the easier choice right now.

So this is going to be my opening letter. And then I sort of have I have my notes written here. So pair it with my phrase going into it is really enjoy the moment. But I wrote down some other phrases. And I might do like the big stamping the words. I’ve seen a lot of people doing that this year and really like it. So I the rest is just like notes that I’ve started like this was journaling I started but this doesn’t mean I’m going to necessarily include all this, I just sort of want to get my ideas out. This is an Allie Edwards card that I hid its embrace the mess and yellow.

And so I wanted to embrace this merry mess in my own font.

I want to have an in-the-news page. So this is also in a creative bubble. love their stuff. I’m starting to make some notes about things I want to include. And I’ll probably have like a news wrap up at the end of the month. A more or less list that I started working on. I definitely want to page about being an introvert. And so I’m deciding what it’s going to look like. This was the original. I think this is also in a creative bubble I didn’t love the colors for this for for Christmas. So I use the duo tone tool, I believe to change it to those colors, which matches my color scheme a bit better. Um, else do we have here.

So this is sort of my list of things by date that I know are going to happen. These are like overall themes, I’m thinking about a page I want to write, I started a page for Hawkeye, because I love it, it’s purple Christmas, started a work from home page want to do an ALP page. These are stamping ideas, things that I want to stamp and include in my album. This is just an Allie Edwards card that I like how it looks to do some journaling up here. This is a paper person checklist that I used last year, and I really want to redo it and do it this year too. And then we go into this section.

So the way I sort of have it structured, right now is at the beginning is the pages are done. Then it’s more notes and ideas, like definitive notes and ideas that I know I want to do. And then after it goes into just things that I’m might include might not just like I know, I’m going to have a TV page at some point. So started playing around with some ideas with that. These are just cards or sentiments that I will probably want to include. So I just have them here. I know that like this one, I changed the color to I think. So while I do use Canva I like Photoshop too. So I have this note that in Photoshop, I want to change these words to better fit my color scheme like the color choices. Just more notes cards. And then we go into the alley, AdWords Word Art section, just some of the ones I like that they’re good jumping off points for stories, that I have just some pattern papers that I like, I know I have my book club coming up this month. So I started.

This is the advertisement for the book club. So I went ahead and just added that. And we’ll probably add journaling below after that happens. This was actually a list from last year that I need to sort of regroup and see what I still want to want to use. Probably going to have a page about how weird this year is. This gets into my color scheme section. So I really love these colors of the Christmas Old Navy. So I used a very excited because Canva now has on the web version, the Eyedropper tool, so when you go in here, you can click on the eyedropper and just grab that color.

Because before oops Ctrl C. So before they had where it would try to pull from the photo, but you can see, it didn’t pull all the colors that I wanted, like it didn’t get this dark green, or this cranberry color. And then what’s nice is in Canva, once I’ve used this color, it’s now in this document colors panel. So this is like a slight variation on it, that sort of base based on it. But I think I turned the saturation down on some of them and added in the pink and the yellow. And this was the color palette I’d created before I saw the Old Navy logo so you can kind of see if you compare them the color vibe. Color vibe, I’m sort of going for oh, and then at the end, these are pages that are variations on pages I created that I’m not going to use and I’ll probably end up deleting them. But I don’t really like to delete things until I know for sure that I’m not going to use them or change them. And then to wrap it up. This is a different document.

So as you can see, this one has 76 pages. So I think in Canva the free version, a document maxes out at 100 So I made another document that’s my templates. So these ones are Canva templates that I like that are the right size that I might eventually use. Like I love this with the circles words around it. I thought this would be fun with a photo there.

So having these in like an easy-to-access place will be really helpful and then just different. You know for days with lots of photos, sort of have some templates ready to go. And then I was looking for list options and I kind of love all these lists. So just have them on hand. So that’s just a quick 10 minute or so video about how I’m using Canva so far for my December daily. If you have any questions, let me know!

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  1. Wow, this is brilliant, I’d love to hear more about how you do this in Canva. I have a free account and some if it is intuitive but I often reuse their template with my pix, but noticed many templates are now watermarked. Thanks for sharing!