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Book of Me Spotify Music Playlist

Music is a great place to get inspiration for any of our creative projects. Over the years I’ve created dozens of music playlists for different inspirational reasons. I make a new one for each season, to reflect my mood, new music, and any songs that are feeling particularly specific to the time. I always create a new one for each Christmas. There are specific playlists I make for upbeat work sessions, when I want to have a solo dance party, and when I’m feeling like I need a lady love fest.

I’ve created a playlist for Book of Me as well. It’s got songs from all different ages and genres and I’ll be adding to it throughout the year. You are welcome to listen to it and share it with your friends. It’s on Spotify and open to the public (as most of my playlists are). The songs are very much in the ‘This is Me’, ‘This is My Story’, ‘This is What My Life Looks Like’, vein of music. There is a lot of music by women, but it’s not music exclusively by women.

If after checking out the playlist, you’ve got some suggestions for additions, I’d love to hear them! Leave them in the comments below.

Listen to the Book of Me Playlist

PS — Making playlists is an awesome way to document the music and songs you’re listening to at any given point in time. I love going back and listening to the playlists I made in 2012 + 2013. It puts me right back in those moments and I just love it.

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