The Awesome Ladies Story Journal

Hi, Awesome Ladies. Have you seen the ALP Story Journal yet? It’s been floating around my favorite places on the internet, on Instagram, of course on the Awesome Ladies Website, and on some of my favorite Awesome Ladies personal accounts. It’s available in the Awesome Ladies store and it’s a cute traveler’s journal with bold black and white graphics.

I loved it instantly, but its much smaller than I normally work with, the white pages were daunting, and I didn’t know where and how to begin!

Yes, it happens to all of us.

I knew I wanted to collage in it or with it! But how? I did my normal routine of gathering interesting paper and scraps to start. I couldn’t bear to remove the pink paper label.

Incorporating Collage

I have to admit, it has resided on my desk for quite a while. I didn’t want to ruin it, I didn’t know what to write. What is so strange is that I have tons of stories, I actually love to tell them, and I am not afraid to share them. I wanted my story to be bold and graphic, and incorporate collage, but how?

So I kept hunting and gathering.

Suddenly, it came to me. I can do as many of these little journals as I like. I can fill one with tons of lists and write about all my memories. I can fill one with my personal photos and pieces of my life, like movie tickets and matchbooks. But this time, I don’t have to write a thing if I don’t want to, because SOMETIMES MY COLLAGES AND ART TELL MY STORY.

Yes, I said it, in a group about documenting, about putting your story on paper and writing it out.

I have the freedom to be my own person and tell my story in color and and scraps and images.

Telling MY Story

And so it began, and as always my mind raced. I could make tons of these. I could do another and embroider my story. I could do my story in a series of bold graphic paintings.

I could cut the book up and put it in my own book. I could rebind it…but I get carried away. I decided I needed to do a giant collage to celebrate and take some photos of my book to put on it. (That took two days!!)

This is also my story:

The Process

I used a giant piece of found cardboard and just started gluing. I used scraps of things I had found and picked up. Things I had gathered on special days, tickets and pictures and scraps of my paintings and things that made me smile.

This little book took me right to the part of my brain where all my stories are swirling and led to a giant collage that made me laugh and cry. (Yes, really.)

If you are wondering, yes, I actually did some work on the ALP Story Journal too…and I will keep going.

Tell YOUR story!

I know what you are thinking: this blog post is supposed to be about collage, and it is! However, if collage isn’t your thing, just tell your story! It’s all yours, it’s unique, it’s probably weird and happy and sad!

So, fill your journal full of doodles, or a pressed flower, or scraps of fabric from your favorite shirt.

The great thing about the Awesome Ladies Project is that we are all welcome here, and you don’t have to tell your story like everyone else does. Just be you. I can’t wait to see everyone’s stories. Please share!


I will keep painting and gluing and telling my story like a weirdo. It’s nice to meet you. My name is Sharon, but I prefer to be called by some version of my last name. I am Nulls, and this is MY story.

Pick up your own ALP Story Journal in the Awesome Ladies Shop and get started today! 


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