The Storyteller’s Almanac is now Available

I am beyond excited to announce that our highly anticipated 2024 planning course: The Storyteller’s Almanac is available!🎉

This course is more than just a workbook to help you figure out your 2024 scrapbooking projects. I want to take you on a journey of self-discovery, creativity, and storytelling, designed to transform the way you capture and celebrate life’s moments.

What The Storyteller’s Almanac Offers:

Our course aims to:

  • Unveil the unique narratives that make up your life story through both scrapbooking and storytelling.
  • Guide you in celebrating the everyday, finding joy and significance in the routine.
  • Encourage introspection, helping you with self-discovery and acceptance.
  • Show you how to turn your adventures and big days into captivating stories.
  • Help you discover and hone your creative preferences, leading to a more satisfying and thriving scrapbooking experience in 2024.
  • Set clear, actionable intentions and goals for your 2024 storytelling endeavors.

By the end of The Storyteller’s Almanac, you will:

  • Gain the skills to articulate and visually share the everyday stories that shape your life.
  • Learn art techniques to enhance the way you document daily experiences, adding depth and beauty to your scrapbooks.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of yourself and how your identity weaves into your personal storytelling.
  • Understand the art of crafting and documenting adventure stories in a visually compelling way.
  • Be equipped with clear goals and a vision for next year’s projects.
  • Create a personalized storytelling style guide to ensure consistency, ease, and authenticity in your creative projects for 2024.

Your Journey Awaits:

As a member of the Feminist Scrapbook School, you’re already part of this vibrant community of storytellers and creatives. The Storyteller’s Almanac is your opportunity to deepen that connection, not just with fellow FSS students, but with your own creative soul.

Embrace this chance to transform the way you see, experience, and narrate your world. Let’s find the extraordinary in the ordinary together, one page, one story at a time.

Your journey into bold, authentic, and creative stories starts now. Dive into The Storyteller’s Almanac and let’s make 2024 a year of unforgettable stories.

Access the Course: 

  1. This link will take you directly to the course page in the shop. 
  2. You’ll check out for $0.00 and The Storyteller’s Almanac will be added to your classes. 
  3. You can access the course directly at this link:
  4. You can access the course community directly at this link: Storyteller’s Almanac sub-forum

If you run into any problems, put in a support ticket, and we’ll get you all fixed up!

This course is designed to be interactive and supportive. I encourage you to share your progress, ask questions, and engage with fellow storytellers. If you have questions (or if you don’t have questions), come to our weekly Office Hours on Wednesday evenings at 7pm (or leave a question on our form). Each session will include practical exercises, group discussions, and personal feedback to ensure you’re not just learning, but also applying these insights to your own stories.

Your Story Matters:

Remember, your story matters. This course is more than just about learning; it’s about embracing your unique narrative and expressing it in the most authentic and creative ways. So, bring your enthusiasm, your experiences, and your imagination – let’s make 2024 a year of unforgettable stories! 🌟

Join here!

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