4 Personal Actions to Keep in Touch with Your Right Now Self

When I first saw these two words, I thought in my “present”. It seems obvious that the present is “now,” but I think that is more than being physically in a place or time. It´s more like being connected with our essence or spirit as you wish to call it.

It´s an art to learn how to live here, now, and in peace. Sometimes this path is disrupted by thoughts and emotions that take us away from our “present joy”  

What do we can do to be in (and enjoy) our present?

1. Think less, feel more.

Try to just enjoy the moment. Sometimes we are very worried about everything around us and we forget about our senses, we have them to use them and they are our best tool as a memory keeper.

2. Live in addition to planning.

Ok, ok, planning is part of organization but when you spend most of the time planning without living that is another story. Don´t forget to enjoy the process of your life: where are you going, what you will eat, what you will do.

Make sure that your present has a meaning for itself; not just a means to reach for something in the future. Document this journey.

3. Connect with your present emotion

Yes, whatever emotion it is. Sometimes you will have rough times, maybe  you will feel angry, sad, alone, etc. When we feel like this we try to avoid the feelings but these moments are part of your life. They are here for one reason and they represent part of your “right now life”

All your stories are mean to be told, even the rough ones, because they are part of the person you are now.

4. Disconnect

Give your mind a break. Do nothing else but exist and be part of the story of others and observe. Observation is an art too and we can nurture our life by practicing it. Stories are everywhere just give them a try!

Understanding the stories of the people that surround you, gives you another view of how and when your story unfolds.

Are you enjoying your “right now” moments?

¡feliz Scrap, feliz vida, feliz hoy!

(happy scrapbooking, happy life, happy today!)

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