12 Ways to Be a Better Selfie Photographer (video)

To finish out our Summer of Selfies, I’m sharing with you 12 specific ways that you can become a better selfie photographer. Getting better at taking selfies is something we’re all aiming for — even if it’s not at the forefront of our everyday lives. I wanted to leave you with actionable tips that you could use while snapping your selfies throughout the rest of your year.

  1. Take Extra Photos: Take more picture than you could ever possibly need. All the poses you could ever want. All the faces. There’s no reason not to.
  2. Delete the Extras: Take the time at the beginning to cull the photos that you don’t want, and figure out why you don’t like them. This is a big part of learning to get better. 
  3. Natural Light is Your Friend: Find as much natural light as possible. Outdoors, big windows, anywhere that you can find that awesome indirect sunlight. 
  4. The ‘Magic Hour’: The time right before and after the sun rises/sets is called the magic hour because of the excellent indirect sunlight. Get out and shoot photos at this time as much as you can. 
  5. Utilize Your Technology: You have an awesome little computer camera phone at your disposal, it does amazing things. Figure out what you want to do with your photos, and make it happen. 
  6. Use the Space Around You: Find awesome backgrounds. Stick your face in a flower bush or stand in front of a monument. Get yourself in the picture. 
  7. Think About Why: Why are you taking this photo? What do you want to accomplish? What story are you trying to tell? 
  8. Try out different angles, modes, etc: Mix up your selfies. Shoot from above, below, the side. Try shooting in square format, try doing it with literally every mode on your camera, see if any of them work better for you. 
  9. Find apps/programs you like: You can use whatever editing and photo apps you want. You don’t have to use the ones that come with your phone. You don’t have to use the popular ones. If you find one that works better for you, run with it. 
  10. Don’t Over Edit: Trust your instincts. Don’t spend more time editing your selfies than you do taking them and scrapbooking them. There is no perfect photograph, don’t waste a ton of your time trying to make tiny tweaks to your beautiful self, when you can use that time to be crafting your beautiful story. 
  11. Print Your Photos: For so many reasons. One, so that you can scrapbook them. Two, so that you have them saved in a physical form. Three, because it helps your brain realize your art in a totally different form, and that will make you a better photographer.
  12. Practice. A Lot. The best way to get better is to practice. The more you practice, the better you get. 

What is your first step to taking better selfies?

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