October 22nd-25th

Tell Your Food, Friends, & Family Stories

Harvest Fest is a long-weekend Awesome Ladies community event to help tell our food, friends, and family stories.

Throughout this event we’ll have challenges, tutorials, pop-in clubhouse hangouts, videos, prizes, and more! This event takes place inside The Awesome Ladies Project community between 10/22 and 10/25.

rukristin has jam-packed this weekend full of fun activities to help you tell some of the best food, friends, and family stories you’ve got going on inside your head right now. We are going through a crazy time, and Harvest Fest is going to bring together crafting and community in a way that is both easily accessible and incredibly fun. 

There are live activities, recorded activities, things you can do solo, things you can do with the community. It’s a virtual event that has something for everyone, including lots of time with rukristin & the Awesome Ladies. 

In addition to lots of rukristin time, guest contributors Tazhiana Gordon, Tracey Fox, Shannan Manton, and others will be sharing how they tell their own stories of food, friends, and family during this interesting time in our lives.

  • An invitation to our pajama party kickoff call on zoom
  • 8 unique storytelling prompt challenges designed to kickstart your food, friends, & family stories
  • 8 incredibly talented guest contributors, with diverse creative styles, sharing their own challenge inspiration through videos, blog posts, and more
  • 4+ tutorials, sharing different techniques incorporating Harvest Fest themes into your creatives projects
  • Pop-in clubhouse (virtual co-creation room) hours hosted throughout the weekend
  • Exclusive Harvest Fest digital and printable downloads
  • Access to the exclusive Harvest Fest community group with forums, gallery, & activity feed through 11/15

All times are in the Eastern Time zone. If you need a time zone converter, this is a pretty handy one.

All of the Harvest Fest content will be released inside of the Harvest Fest classroom. All of the live events will be also recorded and placed inside of the classroom as soon as technology allows, so even if you can’t make one of the live events, you aren’t going to miss anything! 

The challenges themselves will be released during our welcome zoom call on Thursday evening (with a list of the challenges made available as well). I’ll also be releasing some of my favorite brainstorming worksheets as well, so you can plan out your projects when you get the challenge prompts. 

Throughout the weekend, each challenge will have some fabulous additional content  (either Friday or Saturday) from an awesome contributor. These projects (and words/pictures/videos) are AMAZING and I can’t wait to share them with everyone attending Harvest Fest. These ladies are incredible and they show off so many different ways that you can take these challenge prompts and tell different types of stories in different creative mediums. 

Live Events are bolded.


  • 7pm ET Welcome Zoom Call (Challenges released on call) & Crafty Time
  • 8pm ET List of Challenges Released Harvest Fest classroom & group


  • 10am ET Pop-Up Clubhouse open with Kate
  • 11am Recorded Tutorial from rukristin
  • 1pm ET Challenge 1 — by rukristin
  • 2pm ET Challenge 2 — by Tazhi
  • 3pm ET Live Tutorial from rukristin
  • 4pm ET Challenge 3 — by Megan
  • 5pm ET Bonus Live Daily Page Tutorial from rukristin
  • 6pm ET Challenge 4 — by Sabrina


  • 9am ET Pop-Up Clubhouse open with Carol Anne
  • 10am ET Challenge 5 — by Sarah
  • 11am ET Challenge 6 — by Tracey
  • Noon Live Tutorial from rukristin Stamping & Watercolors
  • 1pm ET Challenge 7 — by Chelsea
  • 2pm ET Challenge 8 — by Shannan
  • 3pm ET Pop-Up Clubhouse open with Kirsten
  • 4pm ET Chat about Documenting December 2020 w/rukristin
  • 5pm ET Recorded tutorial from rukristin DIY Treat Bags
  • 7pm ET Pop-Up Clubhouse open with Carol


  • 10am Recorded Tutorial from rukristin
  • 11am Sneak Peek at Holiday & 2021 Awesome Ladies Community Projects & Classes
  • Noon Tazhiana Live Storytelling Tutorial