How to prioritize your creativity and get together with friends

I know that finding time to scrapbook your stories is one of the hardest things on your plate. I’ve made that easier for you with Friday Night Pajama Parties in the ALP Clubhouse.

Every Friday night, the Awesome Ladies All Access Club members get together and we spend time connecting with each other & working on our creative projects in the ALP Clubhouse.

Pajama Parties are non-recorded events so we can spend more intimate time together and foster relationships with the women who are in attendance.

PJ Parties start on Friday nights at 8pm EST. Drop in and out as you can. Each evening is unique because each group of ladies who show up makes the night totally spontaneous. 

All Awesome Ladies All Access Club members are welcome during all Friday Night Pajama Parties! It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been to one, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never been on camera, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never chatted online before. You are welcome.

You do not have to be on video to participate in our hangout. You are welcome to come to the Clubhouse room and chat in either the text chat or the audio if you’re more comfortable that way.

When do Pajama Parties take place?

rukristin led Pajama Parties take place on Friday nights at 8:00pm ET and go until at least 10pm ET, usually longer. Pop in and out as you can!

Join up with the link below! (Not yet part of the All Access Club? Learn more here).

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