Taking + Using Screenshots in Your Scrapbooks

Let’s talk about screenshots.

Screenshots are the instant capture of a screen, resulting in a static image. You can take screenshots on your phone, computer, or whatever digital device your using. I love using screenshots in my scrapbooking. I think they’re a fantastic way to insert your digital life into your physical scrapbooks.

Scrapbooking has always been the idea of taking scraps of our lives and putting it into a book. So many of the bits and pieces of our lives are digital right now, whether that’s texts, articles, memes, or whatever, that I needed an easy and convenient way to get the digi bits and pieces off my phone and into a book.

I take screenshots of things that I find interesting or relevant to my story and want to document later on.

The most common way for me to get screenshots off my phone and into my albums is through a photobook subscription service called Groovebook.

Groovebook photos are a glossy magazine-style photo, the paper is pretty thin, but it’s perfect for art journaling, scrapbooking in notebooks, and other projects where the longevity of the picture is not the highest priority. I love using them in the notebooks because they really keep the bulk down.

At the beginning of each month (because that’s when the Groovebook is due) I’ll upload all of the screenshots and photographs to the app and then they’ll be printed and sent to me a few weeks later.

It’s not instant, and I’m totally okay with that. It costs less than $4.50 a month for 100 pictures/screenshots shipped. If I need something more immediate, I can print it out at home. It’s a perfect addition to my photo tool kit.

Groovebook was on the entrepreneurial television show Shark Tank where they wowed the investors with their product and grew exponentially. They’ve since been bought out by Shutterfly.

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I love the different colors and patterns that the covers come in each month. You can order multiple books, send them to others, and do some other cool stuff; but I’ve only stuck to the monthly photo books.

They do charge you even if you don’t upload and select new photos to the app, so I have a push notification sent to me so that I don’t forget to upload my pictures each month. I also try to do it as close to the first of the month as I can, it’s just an easy way for me to remember.

You can get your first Groovebook free with code TWEEDALE9.

Download on the App Store

Download for Android

Document your screenshots and your digital life as much as you can. There are so many bits and pieces of your story that you scroll through each day.

Take a minute and snap a shot of the moments that are fun, important, joyful,  and make you wonder just a little bit. Those are the bits you want to print out to put into your scrapbooks to look back on.

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  1. I love Groovebooks and am so glad you mentioned it in a chat or something once. You said they were like magazines and they are, just a smidge thicker. It’s definitely helped with my morning pages and other albums. And it’s so reasonably priced!