stamp and ink pad drawer organization

rukristin’s Ink Pad Organization

stamp and ink pad drawer organization

Ink Pad Organization

Last month I reorganized all of my ink pads and kept everything important in the middle drawer of my standing desk. In today’s post I want to share with you how I chose to organize my stamps, why I kept these inks on hand, and which inks I use most often.

Divided Organizers

I broke up my inks into two different dividers: one for regular sized ink pads and another for mini-sized ink pads. Each of these dividers is then broken down into further dividers. In the picture at the top of this post, you can see both of the big dividers in my drawer.

The top divider holding the minis is made of hard plastic and is something I’ve had in my stash for a while. The bottom divider is from Ikea and does a great job of dividing up my full-size ink pads.

Mini Ink Pads

The top divider has three small dividers and one large divider. I’m using this one for all of my mini ink pads. I love having a bunch of mini inks pads so that I can have a bunch of different colors, ink types and just a huge variety without breaking the bank and taking up a ton of room.

I’ve got mini Versamarks (superfine ink), VersaMagic (chalk ink), Memento (dye ink), and Brilliance (pigment ink) and a bunch of things like ink refills and other little things that fit perfectly at the back of my drawer.

Regular Sized Ink Pads

The bottom divider (which is the one closer to me when I open the drawer) holds the full-size ink pads that I use. I keep a rainbow of colors in my favorite ink pads: Memento (Dye), Memento Luxe (Pigment), and Neon. I’ve also got my StazOn and my big VersaMark Onyx (which is the ink pad I use 95% of the time) in this divider as well.

I’ve got one more free divider which I use for my acrylic blocks, all but the largest ones fit right there in the divider. Having a specific place for those makes desk clean up much easier.

Because the dividers don’t go all the way across the drawer, there’s room for some supplies on the right side of the drawer as well. I keep my stamp cleaners, a few other ink pads, and some wood mounted stamps.

How do you store your ink pads? Have you found a good system for yourself?

Questions about my ink pad storage? leave a comment below

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  1. I’m trying to get my craft room set up again for the first time in years. When we built this house, one of the upstairs bedrooms was designated as my craft room and my brother in law, who was our builder, modified the closet for me so it’s just shelves and it was wonderful. My boys got bedrooms in the basement (because what tween wants to be right across from their parents’ bedroom?) so this room was all mine. Over the last 7 or so years it evolved into something else but I’m taking it back. I just have to get the bed we no longer need and the 23 year old 50 inch projection TV out of there first. I’m trying to figure out storage of all kinds, because what worked before I don’t like now and my intern solution in the basement was just a lot of piles in drawers. I like your ink storage. What do you use for your non-favorite ink?

    1. For my non-favorite inks, I have a plastic bin that I keep them in, and they go in my office/spare bedroom/craft room/catch all room with all the extra mixed media stuff that I don’t keep out. It keeps the moisture out, and when I’m working on a big stamping project, or have friends over I can pull the bin out.

  2. Thanks for answering! I’m still working out what will work best for me. It’s probably going to change as I actually get my craft room set up again and discover what I reach for all the time instead of just what’s on top of the piles in my mess of a room that I grab and take elsewhere to create. I didn’t even remember that a few months ago I put as many inks as would fit into an Iris container that fits 12×12 paper (I think it’s called a project organizer) until I opened it Friday night wondering what I’d stashed in it to get out of the way.