Quick DIY Cardstock Art Journal

rukristin DIY Cardstock Art Journal

Today I’m sharing a quick DIY mini-album/art journal tutorial. I’ve been making these mini blank art journals out of cardstock to pick up and decorate.

These are perfect for gifts, for playing with scraps, or for documenting some random things that happened. They come together in a few minutes and I’ve made a stack of them for late nights when I want to play with paper but don’t really have anything in particular in mind to create.


  • Cardstock (9×12)
  • Trimmer (trim cardstock to 9×6)
  • Stapler (must open fully)
  • Cork Pad (optional)

1) Trim your cardstock to 9×6 (really you can use any size you want). Fold the cardstock in half lengthwise. Repeat 2-3 times.

rukristin DIY Cardstock Art Journal


2) Open up a standard stapler (as shown below), and stack the cardstock sheets on top of each other.

rukristin DIY Cardstock Art Journal


3) Add staples along the center line of the book by pressing down on the head of the open stapler. Use a cork pad underneath the paper if you don’t want to staple into your table. These cork trivets from Ikea are perfect.

rukristin DIY Cardstock Art Journal


4) Flip the book over and press the staples in on themselves. Fold the book in half and you’re done.

rukristin DIY Cardstock Art Journal

Decorate the book with whatever supplies you have on hand.

rukristin DIY Cardstock Art Journal

Here are a few more books I’ve put together:

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below.

If you’ve created a journal like this, link up in the comments below too! 

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