How to Take Good Photos of Your Projects

You don’t need fancy equipment to get good photos of your projects. All you need is your camera and these few tips.

Get as much indirect natural light as possible. So shoot in front of a window, or a big glass door. Don’t feel weird about taking your projects to a better place in your house to photograph. Personally, the best place in my house to shoot is in the front entryway where I have giant glass windows. You’ll have to choose the place that’s best for you.  

Shoot from overhead. Try to get as much of your camera over the top of your project as possible. Don’t be afraid to put your projects on the floor or a shorter table so that you can get all the way above it.

There are a bunch of different modes on your camera/phone and you can change up the way you’re shooting. If you have a square project, shoot in square mode. If you have a landscape shaped project, make sure your camera is in regular photo mode and turn your phone sideways. 

Use apps like Darkroom or A Color Story to edit your photos if necessary. Here, you can crop out any extra background and focus solely on your project. You might also want to adjust just slightly for white balance, color saturation, and highlights. You aren’t looking to change the way the photo looks entirely, just enhance things that may have been washed out, or not come out entirely awesome on first click. 

Remember, you don’t need perfect photos of your projects to share them here at the Awesome Ladies Project. We want you to share your projects no matter how you’re feeling about the IG-quality of the photograph. Your work is worth so much more than just how well it photographs afterwards.

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