My Favorite Photo Apps

I’m an iPhone photographer. Yep, I have a dSLR, my big-girl camera (as I’ve called it since I was a teenager), but it’s big, bulky, and a pain in the ass to print pictures from. So my go-to scrapbooking camera is my iPhone. Apps are an essential part of getting the photo from the lens to the page. Today I’m going to share with you a few of my essential photo apps.

I currently have an iPhone8+ and these are the apps that I use to take photos, digitally enhance photos, print photos, and more.

Camera App

The native iPhone camera app has gotten a bunch of upgrades over the past several years and it’s now my go-to app for taking pictures, videos, and of course — the crown jewel — portrait mode.


I use Darkroom to edit my photos. It’s made by the people who do the Rad Labs plugin/presets for Adobe Lightroom. Their built-in presets are pretty good. But, I think the app really shines when you start to develop your own presets. I use them to bulk edit my photos. I’ve been using this for several years and it’s one of my most highly recommended apps for photography, especially if you want to step up your editing game.


Algorithm and ownership aside, Instagram is a powerhouse in the photography app industry and it’s one of the most used apps on my phone. I especially love Instagram Stories for helping me to document in the moment stories and helping me to write down journaling and remember things I otherwise wouldn’t when going back and physically documenting after some time.


This is the app I use when I want 2×2 or 3×4 photos on a single 4×6 frame. It’s especially useful if you’re getting your pictures printed outside the house at a place that does 4×6’s or you have a 4×6 photo printer at home.


Groovebook is a subscription service that will send you a photo book with 100 perforated photos each month for $3.99+tax. I’ve been subscribing to this service for more than five years now, and I LOVE using these books to print out screenshots of my texts, stories I’m reading on my phone, extras of photos I want printed, and more. The quality is like a glossy magazine, and it’s not what I would use for my special scrapbooks. But it’s absolutely perfect for my art journals, mini-books, and so much of my right-now documenting. Use code Tweedale9 for a free book.

What are the go-to photography apps on your phone? Especially if you’re an Android user! 

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  1. Going to check out Darkroom. I also pretty much use just my iphone for all my photos (gotta say the iphone X is wonderful for photos – so close to my DSLR) and really want to get into editing on my phone so i don’t have to import, edit then print from my laptop.

  2. I’m also going to check out Darkroom. I’m an iPhone user and I use PicTapGo to edit my photos and Print to Size to put multiple photos on a 4×6. I use LetterGlow to put text or digi embellishments on photos.