Daily Pages Ideas

Daily Pages Ideas!

There are so many ways for you to participate in the Daily Pages Habit. Daily Pages are a habit I started back in the summer of 2018 when I wanted to incorporate more creative time into my everyday routine.

The most important thing about this challenge is spending a few minutes a day working your creative muscles and building a habit that works for you.

There are no rules, there is no right or wrong. But there are a few ways to make things easier. One of those ways is to have a few ideas in your back pocket so that if you’re faced with a blank page, you don’t have a roadblock.


  • On Monday I love to start out the week with something I know and love.
  • Use a Currently List to jot down what’s going on in your right now life.
  • Get your Currently List free printable here, or pick up the Currently List journaling cards or journaling sheets in the shop.
  • #CurrentlyList


  • Technique Tuesday — Try out a new technique
  • Use a new tool
  • Or pick up a tool you haven’t used in a while


  • #washiWednesday — use washi tape to help create your page design
  • #weatherWednesday; document a story about the weather
  • Where I stand — take and use a photo of where you’re standing right now


  • Thursday3!
  • Take and use a selfie and right down three things about your right now life
  • You can break it up and just use a selfie (from now or any time before)
  • Or just journal three things that are going on in your right now life


  • Favorite Friday — journal about some of your favorite things
  • [intersectional] Feminist Friday — Find some quotes or an awesome lady that you want to put into your notebook for the day.
  • Finish up the week with putting down whatever is leftover on your desk. You deserve it!


  • Weekend Wrapup — What happened this week.
  • Use this as a clean up opportunity and just stick down all the random stuff you find while straightening up your creative area.

Other Ideas

  • Open up the lastest kit/supplies/products you bought and play around. New things are always inspiring.
  • Take a look through the ALP gallery for inspiration. When you share your page, tag the person who inspired you!