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Outdoors: Introduction

Welcome to the Awesome Ladies Project Outdoors Self-Paced Storytelling Workshop. In this workshop, we’ll be diving deep into a single topic: outdoors and take a look at our stories through that lens.

Our theme: Outdoors 

I passionately believe that women’s stories are important and it’s up to women themselves to document their lives. This isn’t an easy task, especially as the world can be a pretty unforgiving place for women and their experiences. But let’s be honest, work worth doing is rarely an easy task; especially the creative arts.

Our goal here at the Awesome Ladies Project is to make you the best version of your storyteller self. Our storytelling workshops help you dive deep into a single topic. In this course, we’ll be talking about the outdoors.

We’ll be spending time together in our lessons and our community figuring out which outdoors stories we want to tell, how we want to tell them, and then sharing those stories and projects with one another.