If you want to know exactly how to get started with the Daily Pages Habit, join rukristin for the live Daily Pages Bootcamp on Saturday, April 17th

You’ve already decided to join in on the project and create your own Daily Pages Habit.

This Bootcamp will get you started with everything you need to know and have you making four completed pages by the end of the day

This one-day, two-session event will help you:

  • Learn how to create different types of Daily Pages
  • Guide you on the way towards finding your own Daily Pages style
  • Set you up for success in continuing your own Daily Pages Habit journey

The Daily Pages Habit is a project that I’ve built over the past several years. Day in and day out, I’ve figured out the things that work for me. 

In this double-session workshop, you’ll learn several ways to start your Daily Pages notebook, we’ll create multiple hands-on pages, and there will be lots of inspiration from other students creating alongside you.. 

Through this participatory experience, you’ll feel comfortable with this project and be able to create your own Daily Pages Habit.

How confident do you feel in the way that you’ve set up your current daily creative habit? 

I can tell you with absolute certainty that The Daily Pages Habit has changed my life and the lives of so many other amazing humans. The way that you can make this project work for you and your life is a unique trait that really helps people make it stick as their creative habit. 

Even if other creative habits haven’t worked for you in the past, that doesn’t matter. We can make the Daily Pages Habit work for you and your life. And the best place for you to start is inside the Daily Pages Bootcamp.

The Daily Pages Bootcamp

One Day. Two Sessions. 

Focused action and activities to help you get clear about how to get started with The Daily Pages Habit and make the pages that you want to make. 

  • Three Ways to Start Your Album
  • Four Hands-On Daily Page Intervals
  • A group to learn alongside.

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