No matter what your life looks like...
You have stories that deserve to be told

We are in unprecedented times, and there isn’t anyone else who is going through it the same way that you are. Actually, there isn’t ever anyone who’s going through life exactly the way you are. 

Scrapbooking the stories of your life is an act of self-care, a way to say that you exist, & a simple way to show up for yourself.

Whether you’ve never scrapbooked a day in your life or you’re a scrapbook enthusiast ready to dedicate time for yourself, your stories, and your creative habit, rukristin and the Awesome Ladies are ready to rock your world. 

Awesome Ladies members tell their stories each day through scrapbooking, art journaling, photography, Daily Pages, digital/hybrid scrapbooking & more!


Here at the Awesome Ladies Project,
We believe these 7 things:

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The ALP All Access Club is the right place for you if:

1) Do you want to form your own personal creative habit?

2) Do you want to become a better storyteller?

3) Do you want to create an epic & unique all about me scrapbook?

Join rukristin's Daily Pages Livestream and Share at Noon ET every M-F.

Dive into our Find Your Voice workshop to figure out the stories you really want to tell.

Our Book of Me Workshop will help you create an album as special as you are.

The Awesome Ladies Project All Access Club is a premium membership

All Access Club members enjoy a variety of exclusive perks and benefits. 

Invitation to rukristin's Daily Page Lesson Livestream & Share -- Noon ET Every M-F

rukristin invites you to join her every Monday through Friday at Noon ET live on zoom as she creates that day's Daily Page. Bring your supplies and create your page along with Kristin and the Awesome Ladies.

These lessons are recorded and cataloged so even if you can't make the live lesson, you can still catch up with us each day on the video recording.

Awesome Ladies Project self-paced trainings

As soon as you register for the All Access Club, you will unlock over a dozen trainings, masterclasses, courses, and workshops that will help you dive into some great scrapbooking and storytelling topics.

Favorites include: 5 Ways to Print Your Photos, Selfies and Self Worth, The Art and Craft of Scrapbooking, Find Your Voice, and more

Friday Night Virtual Pajama Parties in the ALP Clubhouse

On Friday nights, rukristin hosts a virtual Pajama Party inside the ALP Clubhouse. It's her way of showing up and making space in a casual atmosphere so that the ladies can come together and create in a pressure-free environment, similar to the scrapbook parties she used to attend in college.

Pop Up Classes & Events

As an All Access Club member, you'll get automatic invitations and enrollment to Awesome Ladies Project pop up masterclasses, Scrap-a-Longs, weekend intensives, and whatever other cool events we have going on at the site.

All Access Library of Digital Resources

As soon as you register for the All Access Club you will unlock the ALP Library of Digital Resources, which includes the best resources collected and created from rukristin and members of the Awesome Ladies community.

Inside the Library you'll find: downloads/printables from rukristin and other different creative designers, PDF workbooks helping you tell your stories, printable storytelling worksheets that you can download and fill out over and over again to help tell your own stories in the best way possible, and so much more.

Meet the Club Captain: rukristin

rukristin: Feminist Scrapbooker is the founder and leader of the Awesome Ladies Project. She’s been scrapbooking for 20+ years and teaching other women to scrapbook the stories of their lives since before she left high school in 2004. 

She is passionate about helping women tell their stories with pictures, paper, words, and the bits of life that we find along the way. She loves scrapbooking the everyday moments, especially the television shows she’s watching, the things she’s growing in her garden, and whatever amazing things she happens to be cooking up. 

Kristin lives in East Lansing, Michigan with Jeff, her partner of 10+ years. They love playing games together, working on their indoor and outdoor garden, and their respective NFL football teams. 

Have you ever felt like your story wasn't really the scrapbooking type?

Or that scrapbooking was more for...
a different kind of person?

I *feel* you.

Scrapbooking has some cultural stigma attached to it.

This can be especially true if you're first starting out and you haven't figured out your style or if you just don't want to have to explain for the thousandth time how your stuff is just not what they think of when they imagine 'scrapbooking'.

In fact, for the first 10+ years that I scrapbooked, I hid it from most of the people that I knew. I didn't fit in with the scrapbooking people, and I definitely didn't want to tell my friends that I was 'scrapbooking'.

This is why I created the Awesome Ladies Project.

So that no matter what your life looked like, no matter what your scrapbooks look like, your stories have a place here.

Scrapbooking the stories of your life is simultaneously:

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