you are awesome and your stories deserve to be told

We are the Awesome Ladies

our mission: guide you towards your best storytelling self

This is an invitation to a new and uniquely creative way of approaching the stories of your life.

Feminist scrapbooking is the idea and practice of authentically and creatively telling your personal stories.

No matter what your life looks like, you are the best person to tell your stories. Using pictures, words, artifacts and any other media they feel represent them, feminist scrapbookers practice the still-radical act of documenting their world.

Whether you’re a scrapbooker who wants a book of her own stories, or a feminist ready to craft the stories of her life, this journey is for you.

There’s no wrong way to be a feminist scrapbooker. 

If you’re taking authentic physical scraps of your life, whether it be photos, journaling, memorabilia, pretty paper, artwork, or anything else, and putting that together into a book/album, you’re a feminist scrapbooker.

Close your eyes and think about a book that would house those bits of your life — that’s your ALP Book of Me. 

Let’s Make that Book Happen.

This is an invitation to a new way of scrapbooking your awesome lady life.

welcome to the ALP Book of Me VIP experience

Grab Your Scraps & Your Stories.

You’re ready.

When you join the ALP VIP program you’ll be choosing yourself, and your stories, first. When you prioritize your storytelling, you will learn more about yourself as a person, you will become more connected to your past, present, and future.

You will be empowered to authenticly tell your awesome lady stories

This is not just another scrapbooking course. I’m not going to tell you exactly how to put this photo on that page and cut this paper to glue on that cardstock — yeah, that’s not what we’re doing here.

Don’t get me wrong, there will be plenty of cutting, gluing, and photos — but I’m here to help you dig deeper inside yourself and bring out the inner storytelling queen that lives inside your soul.


  • How much scrapbooking experience do I need for this program? What if I’ve never scrapbooked before? Absolutely Zero! This program is for all badass storytellers and wannabe badass storytellers, regardless of crafty/artsy experience. If you passed kindergarten art, then you’ve got all the technical skills needed for Book of Me!
  • How much will supplies cost? What if I don’t even have any supplies? You don’t need to break the bank for this program. You can use the craft supplies you have on hand. You don’t need to buy any special tools or products to create a Book of Me.
  • What if I don’t know anything about Feminism? What if I’m not even sure if I am a Feminist? Beginner Feminists are welcome! Even if you don’t know if you’re a feminist! Remember Virginia Woolf’s words — A feminist is any woman who tells the truth about her life. If you’re ready to be an authentic truth-teller — then this program is absolutely for you.
VIP Experience includes

rukristin’s Expert Brainpower

Each month kicks off with a video lesson and a workbook in our custom-built community classroom.

These lessons are designed to bring out your inner creative rockstar. Using our month’s chapter as a springboard, I’ll help you create a storytelling lens, explore how you envision this chapter intersecting with your stories, and craft actionable goals toward your Book of Me project for the month.

You’ll also get a behind-the-scenes look at all of my personal life-documenting and creative projects, as well as access to my favorite creative resources, tutorials, and more on our private blog.

This isn’t your average crafty workshop — this is so. much. more.

Monthly Accountability Calls & Ongoing Support!

Each month we’ll have a 60 minute Q&A/Accountability video call. Feeling stuck, looking ahead, dying to know about a recent technique I used?

You get to ask anything you’d like about our workshop, chapter theme, creative habits, techniques, whatever is on your mind.

It’s an awesome experience. You’ll get to see and hear me answer not only your question, but everyone else’s questions as well!

You’ll get to spend even more time chatting it up with the Awesome Ladies. It’s a fabulous monthly reminder that you are not alone, and we’ve got your back on this journey.

Video calls are on the fifteenth of the month and will be recorded, timestamped, and shared with the group. Times are TBD but will rotate to accommodate global members. You will be able to submit questions in advance!   

Out of the Box Creative Catalysts

Each month, I’ll also issue you a creative challenge to complete in your Book of Me. This will help you step outside of your comfort zone and become the best version of your storytelling self.

Greatness is not born out of comfort. 

We’re here to help you on your journey to becoming the best version of your storytelling self.

You have great stories inside you — let’s bring them out.

The Exclusive ALP HQ with all our fab Ladies

The best part of the Awesome Ladies VIP experience is the incredible community of badass women that are here too!

I built the Awesome Ladies community website so that we would have a safe space to nerd out about our stories away from the public toxicity of social media. It’s not like those places are exactly the most freeing spaces on the planet.

In our community, you’ll connect with other Awesome Ladies from around the globe. You’ll seek and share feedback on your Book of Me and other creative projects in our gallery.

You’ll also have your own personal profile, gallery, and more so you can track, make updates, and store your Book of Me progress!

Our community is here for you when you need it. Whether you check in every day or every other week. We are here for you on your terms.

The Awesome Ladies are the effing best. You know you belong in here with us. 

You Also Get
  • Everyday Shop Discount

    You’ll get a discount on everything offered in the Awesome Ladies Shop including physical and digital products, all past and future workshops, and live events including Awesome Ladies Live in August 2018!

  • A Digital Welcome Kit

    You’ll get a digital welcome kit with instructions, images, and everything else you need to get started as an official Awesome Ladies VIP

  • Exclusive Access to the ALP Vault

    You’ll get exclusive access to the Awesome Ladies VIP Vault with past storytelling content, some of my & the Awesome Ladies best creative resources that can’t be found anywhere else online

  • Bonus #1: Find Your Voice Workshop

    You’ll get my six-part introspective workshop Find Your Voice. This is a self-paced version of the quintessential rukristin: Feminist Scrapbooker workshop on learning who you are as a storyteller through both language and visual arts.

  • Bonus #2: Currently Me Mini-Album Mini-Workshop

    This is a self-paced version of a weekend workshop I taught here at the ALP live for the past National Scrapbook Day.  In this workshop, I’ll share with you a step-by-step video tutorial for making my favorite style of mini-album: the two-ring binder album.

  • Bonus #3: VIP Membership Extended through 12/31/2018

    If you sign up for Awesome Ladies Annual VIP Membership by 11/30/2017, we will extend your membership through to 12/31/2018 automatically! It’s just like getting an extra month for free!

The Details

Early Bird Cost: One Payment of $99

(your ALP VIP access will be valid through 12/31/18)

Prices go up on December 1st (both monthly and annual)

Book of Me Lessons Start January 1st, 2018; Pre-Classroom to open in early December

Why Me?

So this is the part in a normal sales page where I make you all sorts of crazy promises, and tell you that everything is super easy, and there’s just a little trick, and then bing, bang, boom — stories told, you’re done, mission accomplished.

um. no. that’s not how the real world works — here’s the truth:

  • This isn’t Just a Project. This is a Lifestyle.

    My goal is for you to become a better storyteller — in whatever way that is for you. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all program because we aren’t one-size-fits-all people. I will share with you my best knowledge, resources, and practices so that you can grow as a creative storyteller (even if you only spend a few hours a month with us).

  • You are Already Telling Your Stories.

    Even if you don’t realize it, you’re already documenting your life. I’m here to help coax these stories out and help you build storytelling routines into your life.

  • Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story?

    You are the best person to tell your story (even Lin Manuel Miranda was retelling so much of Hamilton’s own words) and if you aren’t going to do it, who will? I’ll help you find authentic ways to match the stories in your memories with the creative artist you yearn to be.

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