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Hello Awesome Ladies! When last we spoke, I had piles of paper and scraps all over. I gathered these from a variety of sources, (including: magazines, junk-mail, things I had picked up on adventures, and scraps from my art work). I had little pieces of paper around me like PigPen in the Peanuts cartoon, I needed to spend time organizing collage paper!

I live in a fairly small condo and it was time to get things under control, so I started to sort and organize my scraps. The whole purpose of gathering these wonderful scraps is to be able to use them! I wanted to have them easily accessible, so it would become second nature to pick them up and use them in projects.

Getting Started

I didn’t spend any money purchasing amazing organizing tools or bins. I just used what I had around the house. I hope some of my ideas help you to organize your amazing, colorful ephemera too.

Speaking of color, that’s where I started! I am a huge fan of making pages or collages that feature one color/color family (usually red) in my work.

Like in this example:

or this:

I warned you about the red!

My Sorting Process

First, I threw large pieces in one pile and small in another.

Next, I moved on to organizing the larger pieces in gorgeous masses of color.

I ended up with piles of paper all over the room. To keep them together, I clipped them with large binder clips.

I actually went through this step several times, I found treasures that I had been “saving” and I couldn’t wait to collage!

Once I was satisfied with my piles, I grabbed an old picnic basket that I had purchased the week before, stole some file folders from my boyfriend, and repurposed that as my file cabinet next to my desk. I felt so much better immediately! Here is a look at my progress:

WARNING, this may inspire you to sort paper at dawn like a crazy woman!

It looks like I have only red paper, but I swear that all the colors of the rainbow are sorted and filed in my picnic basket file cabinet.

Sorting Smaller Scraps

Next up, I started to sort the teeny scraps by color and I put them in paper cups.

I use little scraps ALL the time, and having them sorted into color, makes it so much easier.

I made this collage almost immediately after the “Great Sort”.

Organizing is such a personal endeavor. I am sure that you can come up with more streamlined or elegant ways to organize your papers.  Please share them with me! Leave a link in the comments!

Sorting Letters & Alphabets

I use an embroidery thread box to sort my letters.

I love to throw everything on a giant platter or in a bowl while I am working on a project, so I can see what I have without making a giant mess.

This also makes it easier to put things away and also to see what you have. I apparently have a lot of red images!

I hope this has helped you, at least a little bit to get out your magazines, and stacks of paper that we cut out and found last time, and start to sort and organize.

I look forward to seeing pictures of your organizational styles and unique solutions.

I am even more eager to see your collages.

Don’t forget to share them on instagram with our hashtag #alpcollagelikeaboss.

Until then, I am still cutting and gluing and pasting my heart out looking for some Awesome Ladies to join me!! Let’s start a club!!

  1. Shannon Yates 4 months ago

    Thanks for this post about how you manage a micro space; looks very effective. Love your red collection! I too sort bits of paper left over after scrapbooking by the main color; I store these ‘bits’ in Ziploc bags. When I am using a specific color I dump the pkg out on my work surface. I haven’t made many collages but your pics have spurred me to try collages again. I have fallen off the ALP wagon for a week or so and am ready to saddle up again. Collages would be a good starting point.

  2. Patricia Nordeen 4 months ago

    This is AMAZING Nulls! “the great sort” needs to happen in my house. I love the ideas for themed sorting, and for little scraps vs big pieces. I will be #alpcollagelikeaboss-ing soon.

    This also reminds me TO USE my treasures! My goal for 2018 is Operation De-Hoard. I am super guilty of hoarding images, art supplies, and generally good stuff. I need to remember to USE things—they are treasures because they speak to me, about me, and they are tools for my self-expression. Awesome post!

  3. Gilly 3 months ago

    You’re so very organised Nulls I love how you’ve put this all together in your post, it’s lovely to see all your wonderful treasures! I’d be in your club any day you just have to say the word….

    I’m definitely with Patricia in that 2018 must start with a massive declutter as my creative space just gets smaller and smaller because of all the wonderful ‘treasures’ I’ve kept and adding to on a very regular basis!!!

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