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    In your scrapbooking, how many of you tell some of the “bad” or “ugly” stories of your lives on a fairly regular basis? What determines which of these stories to include? Or do you prefer to keep your scrapbooks exclusively about the happiness in your life?

    (My response in the comments)

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    Telling stories in my scrapbooks about the not-so-lovely happenings in life began several years ago, and it was a bit of a tentative approach on my part. I made a mini-book about the women who stood up with me at my wedding, and two of those relationships had ended by that time. I tried to strike a balance between telling the truth and not focusing overmuch on the negative aspects of it.

    I’ve gotten a little more comfortable about including the reality of life in my scrapbooking, partly through telling some of the story of my nephew’s journey to recovery from leukemia in 2013. I also did a simple, pocket page spread about losing my mother in 2015.

    Typically, my scrapbook pages cover happy topics, but I’ve learned not to shy away from including some of the opposite kinds of stories, when I feel that they are a signifcant part of my life or my overall story for whatever period of time I’m scrapbooking. Getting those stories told gives me a sense of resolution and makes me feel more whole.

    Interested to read how the rest of you approach this.

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    I scrapbook my feelings about winter a lot. I hate it and it makes me depressed, but taking photos of the pretty outside world and then turning it into pages really helps.

  * @rukristin

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      How many years have you been enduring Michigan winters? Were winters severe where you’re from?

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        This is my third Michigan winter. Winters in New Jersey were about ten degrees warmer on average, so we’d get the occasional blizzard or two. But the biggest difference is that everything in Michigan is so much further apart that going outside is so much more of a production for me. * @rukristin

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          Going outside is the problem. If we could all just watch that wintry weather from the comfort of our easy chairs, wrapped in a blanket, sipping something warm…well…it wouldn’t be so problematic, would it? 🙂 A girl can dream…

          I actually don’t mind the winter, except the extreme cold, the single digits and the subzero temperatures. Snow is pretty, but driving in it is not.

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    I think it can be hard to scrapbook certain aspects of your life, for example I have not scrapbooked my wedding photos because even though it was a big part of my year in 2012. My marriage was done 12 months later for so many reason. So even though it a part of my story,  I struggle to write about  it because I want it to be about the “right now” then rather than my “right now” now (does that make sense). One day i will scrapbook those photos and tell the story of how i felt then, kept it to the facts. I will however do a page in my 2013 album about when the relationship broke down and how I felt then and the emotions I felt. I think it is important to document your life, the good, the bad and the ugly. When my grandma i documented here. I did a project life style LO, documenting different photos of her, including the eulogy as well as the her favourite quote. I also put a letter i wrote to her behind one of the pockets so it there but it remains slightly private. I just honestly believe it is important to document the whole picture, the whole story. I want my family to look at my albums and know who i am as a whole person not just the postive side.

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      Erin, I agree with what you said about your albums being about who you are as a whole person, not just the positive side.

      And I definitely think you’re right about waiting to tell the difficult stories until we’re ready. Time offers perspective, and forcing ourselves to tell any story before we’re ready only makes memory keeping a chore, rather than a joy.

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    My pages are about everything. If you look back in my 2016 album there is a lot of hidden journaling to help me sort out my feelings about losing my fur baby of 14 years, dealing with the unknown why of a “rare” eye disease and putting together an online business.

    I do hidden journaling so my personal thoughts are not the first thing you see.

    In other words, creating the page is just a therapeutic for me as doing the journaling.

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      Hidden journaling is a great tool for getting the difficult stories into our albums, while protecting our own privacy and vulnerability. I have done that, too.

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      Hidden journaling.  Yes.
      I learned the hard way.  I had written in a Project Life album about the stress of staying at my Mom’s house over the holidays (we clash).   Months later, my mom came to my city to visit and pulled out the PL album, reading all of it and getting upset.  I don’t know that I have recorded that amount of detail about conflicts since.

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    the normal kind of bad I have added to my regular album- but that’s new to 2016.  Before that I didn’t do pocket pages / Project Life…   (I have one kid so I don’t do multiple albums… or a family vs kid album.). Like one day last winter I took a selfie of me ugly crying in the car because I was having a very bad mommy moment. (Kid and I both woke up on the wrong side of the bed , yelling, crying on the drive to school kinda day…) and I posted it on IG for the purpose to say my life is not perfect. The photos in my pocket pages include that- but also “the rest of the story” – him calling crying from school 30 min later cause he was having a mental day, us at lunch, him walking out happy with a loaf of fresh baked bread…  the small important story that says “shit happens but we still love each other.

    This year i also documented my grandfathers passing with photoof him and stories I learned at the funeral of the way he touched people’s lives.  I also documented it from the trip perspective- time with family and missing our flight home…

    Now I do have a Me album- my ALP.  And this summer I used that for some serious documentation year.  My hubby had a lot of health issues.  To help I took a series of “from where I stand” photos. It was deliberate – I used my private IG account. It wasn’t meant to be “anything” I was really just angry about missing the final day of Scrapbook Expo and continued for many months.  But during the really “bad time” athe mass shooting here in Orlando happened and almost immediatly after the tragic death at Walt Disney World of a little boy, right where I work. I separated it because it was my personal story. It was about my feelings – the nasty, ugly and dark ones- that I kept in my journal.  It wasn’t about the family journey.  Though I did add some stuff about the Orlando shootings to our main family album- because my son is old enough he understood what happened.

    Hope that all makes sense. It’s been something I’m working on. Showing real life and not just events.

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      Yes, “showing real life and not just events.”

      My mother died in 2015, and I inherited her photos. There’s so little information, sometimes none, and I would love to have known about my Mom’s “bad mommy moments.” She had 6 kids, so I know there were at least a few of those. 😉 I often wonder what her real life was like before I was able to witness it for myself. I know a little from what she told me, but not nearly enough. What’s missing from her story is part of what inspires me to tell my own story more completely, even though I don’t have kids.

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    I’ve learned to embrace the bad and the ugly. Last year I went through a break-up, the loss of my best friend, and finally the sudden loss of my job… and I documented it all. It was almost therapeutic in a way to get all of my feelings onto a page and while I didn’t feel better about the situations, nothing really sat on my mind anymore.

    The one spread that actually brought me joy was finding all of the old photos of my best friend and me to create the collage for my layout. I cried, I laughed, I kinda yelled and got upset over it all (his passing was sudden) but its one of the layouts that I love the most. It was at this time I realized why I do memory keeping and take so many photos, I want to and need to document my life because you really never know what tomorrow brings.

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      Erica, I’m so sorry for your losses. Your last year sounds like a few of the years I’ve had in the recent past! I’m so glad you find some level of solace in memory-keeping. I think it’s awesome that you honored your best friendship and the memory of your best friend with that layout. I bet it’s beautiful.

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    well, I started documenting about 10 yers ago while my son was in the hospital I can´t even imagine how I could go through all that time without scrapbooking, really it change my life.

    In my country (I´m from Mexico) we are not used to tell our story although scrapbooking practice is gaining followers we have lot of work to do spreading the word of how therapeutic this can be.

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      I’m so glad scrapbooking helped you cope, Diana, and I definitely love the idea of spreading the word about scrapbooking being good therapy.

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