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    A new month begins, and I’m wondering how everyone is doing with their scrapbooking/memory-keeping for this year so far.

    Any struggles or challenges you want to share? Or accomplishments/victories?

    What’s new in your creative journey for March? Are you embarking on any new projects?

    What are you proud of lately? What’s kicking your butt?

    (My response in a comment.)

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    I feel like the year’s going well with scrapbooking so far. I think it was mid-February I completed my Journal Your Christmas album, and now I’m working on the 12×12 album of the Christmas season, with lots more to do.

    Probably my biggest struggle is overwhelm, but I was listening to a podcast episode during which Becki Higgins gave some advice that really helped me determine the direction I want to go in next. Wanting to tell the story of my wedding and my husband and I meeting and falling in love was what started me on this scrapbooking journey, and I haven’t done very much at all yet on that topic. So, after I finish a couple of projects, I’m going to dive into those stories. Wish me luck!

    Also, I’m interested in exploring traveler’s notebooks and hope to play with that option this month.

    What I’m proud of is keeping up with my One Little Word prompts this year. Yay!

    I hope you all have a wonderful, creative March.

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      I can certainly relate to that feeling of overwhelm Melissa. I’ve purposely tried to make sure that I don’t take on too many new projects this year and to not waste the precious time I do get but I just seem to spend my life juggling all the things that have to be done with what I want to do…eek it’s really hard to get the balance right!

      I’ve been completing the Australian Jot Magazine Mood Board 12×12 of my granddaughter each month for a couple of years now which I’m quite proud of! I’m up to date with Awesome Ladies (haha..I know it’s only 2 months) but thats 4 12×12 project life pockets, it takes me a long time to work out how I want to interpret the prompts & then pull it all together.

      I’ve been part of Get Messy Habit which means completing at least one double page art journalling spread weekly for 6 weeks, then there’s a 2 week gap before it starts again, that’s good for my brain as I have to think on my feet & work quickly!

      I have a few other projects bubbling along with no deadlines, but my biggest problem is trying not to feel guilty if I spend time doing what I want rather than all the chores that I know need doing around the house and garden. I quite often feel like I’m running on a treadmill with just one speed – fast!

      What I need is a big airy studio with someone to cook and do the shopping, the washing and ironing, look after the garden and keep the house tidy….it’s good to dream!!

      I am happy doing what I do and I do try and not to be too hard on myself…Rome wasn’t built in a day! Here’s to a good creative March.

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        Yes! The big airy studio and a staff to do all the have-to’s so all we have to do is create! I’m totes on board! 🙂

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    I am proud to say I have finally figured out how I want to use my Project Life album after a few years of starting and stopping different types of projects in it. I have been making a page per month for this Awesome Ladies Project by incorporating the photo, word, and style challenges. By using those prompts I am telling my right now story and by the end of the year I hope to have a nice album all about me in 2017.  I was always behind the camera so I am embracing being in front of it this year.

    I am continuing on with my regular family albums, working on My Details: citizenship edition mini album, and today is the beginning of 30 days of lists.

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      That’s great news! Yay for you! Congratulations on getting yourself in front of the camera this year.

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    I spent a lot of February drained of energy because of a sinus infection plus allergies. I did a lot of work in my ALP book and with some other scrap projects because it was the only way I could do SOMETHING most days, and it helped me focus. I even broke out the Photoshop for the first time in ages, which was exciting and also like, “How did I forget to do this super-easy thing I used to do all the time?!” (I remembered, after a lot of anguish.) Only thing left to do is upload pictures.

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      I’m so sorry to hear you were sick, but awesome that you were able to get some things done and restart your Photoshop adventure.

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      I hope you’re feeling better now Candice. Oh my I know exactly how you feel about not remembering how to do certain things when you don’t do them for a while. I would love to learn more about Photoshop and one year I think I should just take a few months out from everything else and just concentrate on that and then keep practising. You clearly showed good skills of perseverance and need to give yourself a gold star!

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    I’m up to date with my girls’ 2017 album so yay as I fell really behind last year.
    My eldest’s album is nearly done for 2016

    I’m hoping to get some scrapping time tonight to work on my ALP

    What’s kicking my butt? being tired after the girls go to bed and then lacking motivation to actually do anything. Started the month by making myself go to bed by 10, 10:30 at the latest and feel like I have a bit more energy

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      Lack of energy tends to be a challenge for me, too. I should go to bed earlier, but being a night owl, as I’ve been all my life, I tend to have trouble sleeping if I go to bed too early.

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    I got “kicked” in February with an upper respiratory infection, so I have been down or struggled through for 3 weeks. I have fallen behind in all my scrapping projects, and I haven’t started #30lists yet either (hopefully today). I think what will really help for me is to declare 15-30 minutes a day as time for scrapbooking. I will sit down and do this either right when I get home from work (3:30) or after dinner (6:00)–then I won’t just hope I will do it each week. OK–I’ve said it–guess that’s my goal for March! I should be over being sick, so no excuses!

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      You can get a lot done in 30 minutes. I think that’s an awesome goal, and I hope it works out for you. Let us know!

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    I’m doing things mostly digital and combining the ALP with One Little Word. In early February my laptop died. I ordered a new one; on the day it was delivered, in the 15 minutes minutes it took me to get home from work, it was stolen from my front porch. So I am computerless at home, and it’s set me back. But I will eventually get caught up when a new laptop is shipped out next week (and I’ll be on spring break so it won’t get stolen this time!)

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      Well, that’s just crappy, that someone stole your laptop. I’m so sorry. 🙁  Being computerless at home must be difficult. I know it would be for me.

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    I have plans for both my scrapbooking and my art journaling but life had other goals for me. Trying to readjust after a minor surgery and the whole family having the flu. Hope that was it health wise for 2017. Still resting a lot but I do feel like I am getting more on track. My son sure has a lot of activities with his homeschool group this quarter term. I should have tons of photos to scrapbook! Looking forward to that.

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      Oh, my goodness! When it rains, it pours, huh? Hope you feel better quickly and that the flu gets out of your household. Tons of photos is good! 🙂

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