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    Recently I keep getting these notifications that my iCloud is full (like it randomly pops up ALL the time). After looking into it, I found that it’s because of the amount of music that I have AND the amount of photos that are stored in my iPhoto.

    After looking through my folders in iPhoto…. and trying to work on my PL album… it got me thinking.

    Some days I take a LOT of photos, and then there are days that I don’t take a single photo (sometimes several days in a row). Some days I take a lot of photos because we’re doing something different then normal and some days I just feel like taking a bunch of selfies (I have a little too much fun with snapchat filters…. am I the only one?)

    Is anyone else like this? Do you feel like you have too many photos?

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    I have the opposite problem. I don’t take enough photos, I think I only have a handful of photos for Jan. My problem is I only take photos with a real camera (I don’t own a cell phone, shocking news a 25+ years old girl with no cell phone).

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      I have that problem sometimes, I have to make a conscious effort to remember to take photos sometimes.

      It is interesting to hear that you don’t own a cellphone! I work for myself (and after years in the Army and having to be able to be contacted whenever), I couldn’t do it. If that works for you, then good for you Mandi!

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    I do feel like I take too many photos. I do delete some as I’m going through the editing process, but I still wind up with far too many, and it’s hard for me to delete more than I already have.

    I don’t print as many photos as I once did, though, which I suppose can be a good thing or not. I used to print everything, then feel like I had to use every photo on a scrapbook page because, hey, I printed it! Now, it’s a little better. I’m more selective.

    And like you, I vary in how many photos I take. I can go a whole week or more without taking a single photo, but then there are days I’ll take several. During autumn, it’s ridiculous. How many photos does one woman need of autumn leaves?! But they’re all so lovely, so bright and colorful, I can’t resist! 😀

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      I get exactly what you mean!

      I still have a slight problem with pairing down the photos for printing and then realizing that I don’t have enough photos to fill my pockets…. but I make it work!

      Haha, but the leaves are so pretty in the fall!!!!

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    Some days I take a ton and others I take none. I don’t worry about how many I take very often. I do use dropbox to transfer the photos to my PC and I make it a habit of organizing them each month. Otherwise it gets way out of hand for me.

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      I don’t know why but I find myself worrying about whether or not I have taken enough photos throughout the week… maybe it’s because I do PL?

      I need to better organize my photos…. do you do it by month or by week?

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    Yesterday, I received my latest photo order from Persnickety Prints, and I spent the afternoon organizing them. I realized I took precious few photos in February. Too few for my comfort. It feels like things are going undocumented. This month, I haven’t taken many either. Maybe in April, I need to do some kind of photo challenge to spark photo topic ideas.

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      I know how you feel. I decided to participate in #100days project where I focused on taking at least one photo every day! It’s helped a little. I also did Week In The Life with Ali Edwards…. which means I have a BUNCH of photos for that project.

      Sometimes I think having projects helps motivate me to take more photos or at least be more conscious of documenting my every day life.

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    I take a lot of photos. Especially recently as I am trying to learn how to use my camera properly. We’re trying to take a walk at a State Park or at the lake every Sunday so I take a lot of photos then too. It’s just organising them that I have a problem with. THIS is the year!

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    My kids are now in college so I find that I can go months without taking any photos. I have never been into the “right now” story telling because it kind of came along after my kids were grown. I’m trying to dive into the right now life through the photo, style, and word challenges of the ALP for the year. It is sad to not have photos from all the holidays, birthday parties, and school or sports events any more. Now I just need to find those little everyday events to cherish.

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      It is tough when the kids get older. As you say there aren’t those moments anymore. I’ve just started looking for different moments.  About eighteenth months ago hubby and I decided to go for walks on Sundays (I had up to that point always worked Sundays and our schedules clashed). Since then I’ve found lots to take photos of – things that might me think of a special moment or inspire me. I hope you find your niche!

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