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    I was working on documenting my routine, and it’s turning more into my ideal routine or what I’m working towards – I’ve been making some changes to my routine lately to help me develop some new habits – I did a bunch of stamping and made some cards to track (which I’ll share soon) my new-routine setting goalzzzzz.

    What are you working on that’s routine related??!

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    I am not documenting my routine per se but I am adapting my Femquotes project to this month’s theme. I find that my routine is naturally documented through my pocket scrapbooking.

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    I wouldn’t say that I’m really a routine type of person but there are things that I do routinely if that makes sense! I decided to just take one day and take lots of photographs throughout the day and was amazed how many things I do regularly do – one example is that I make a thing about remembering friends and family birthdays and sending the cards early so although I don’t do this necessarily every day/week/month when I do I always walk to the post box so took a photo of me posting the card.

    I’m continuing with the 12×12″ pockets this month but haven’t yet decided on which style of layout I’m going to use!

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      I love that part of your routine is to get those cards out, I am just awful at that!

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     Lea B

    I think I finally decided – I’m going to do a few pages. I’m going to do a page on my Zumba routine that I do every day. Just for fun because I ¬†needed a kick start on what to document.

    I work six-seven months a year and then don’t work the rest, so I am thinking of how to show that routine of work life vs off season life. And incorporate the timeline prompt in that. It’s all still in my head at this point.

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    So far, I’ve taken some photos of some routines. One is parking in downtown Ann Arbor, where my husband works. It’s not something I would normally document, but it’s a HUGE part of our lives right now. I also snapped a selfie of me and my husband hanging out on the loveseat, watching the morning shows, on Sunday morning, which is a fairly new routine for us. I’m still looking for stories to tell related to routine.

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    Guys, I’m totally struggling with documenting routine.

    I’m being a terrible leader. Big apologies. I have story ideas, but they’re totally not jiving with my format. * @rukristin

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      First, you are not being a terrible leader. You are being a memory-keeper. Challenges arise, and we’re all in this together. No need to apologize.

      As for the topic not jiving with the format, maybe Routine needs its own project, its own format, or maybe you just need to step out of the format you’re in, explore other options, and you will possibly see a way to make it fit.

      You have time yet. Nobody’s going anywhere. Breathe. Relax. Have fun with it. No pressure.

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      no way! Sometimes things just don’t work and that’s ok.

      and on the terrible leader front, nope!

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      I love your honesty @RUKristen! You’re not a terrible leader, you’re human. Sometimes we don’t have inspiration or we lose it or what not. I haven’t done crafting in almost a month because I have been busy moving my old roommate out of my house and into her new one, and then I had to rearrange my house the way I wanted it now that she is gone. I just finished getting all of my craft stuff into my new office…. but it’s so messy that it may be a few days before I can start crafting.

      I have no idea where to even start with this month’s theme. I have plenty of routines… but no idea where to start.

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    I finished putting together my page. It’s still ongoing in that I’m tracking two things I want to be part of my routine for a couple more weeks. The Awesome Ladies stamps and journal cards worked perfect with the vision I had in my head!

    i blogged about it here :

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    I don’t know that I document routine on a regular basis. I have done some DITL or WITL type projects but haven’t always finished those. I think I need to make a commitment to finish one routine related project or two per year. Probably 2 because there is a huge difference between our weekday and weekend routines.

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    There are lots of routines I could document, but I am just going to narrow it down for this one. I will document my weekday schedule from head to toe. The limitations will allow me to fit it in my overall project plan. Photo of completed project to follow!

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