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    Where was the furthest you traveled away from home this past year? 

    I’m in Michigan and the furthest I traveled last year was to Pheonix/Scottsdale, Arizona. Jeff and I were there in late October for a wedding. It was my first time to Arizona, and we had a great time, but my headaches were not a fan of the 97 degree days filled with outside activities. * @rukristin

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    The furthest I was from my Michigan home was in April. I went to Brecksville,Ohio. I had to go there the day after my birthday for eye surgery since it wasn’t FDA approved. Even though I had the same surgery done on my other eye the year before I was still nervous. I spent my birthday cooking all day so I could stay busy and not think.

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    The furthest I went from my Minnesota home was in Sept for our 35th wedding aniversary . We traveled to Boston our first trip there and it was amazing to learn the history of our country. We went whale watching that was truly spectacular as well as the fireworks as we docked.

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    I live in Michigan, also, and the furthest I traveled from home in 2016 was Chicago, that “toddlin’ town.” It’s one of my favorite cities because my father was from there, and some of my cousins live there.

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    I live just outside of St. Louis, MO and the furthest I traveled from home was to visit family in Houston, TX. I went in June and I wouldn’t recommend Texas in the summer unless you really like heat!

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    My hometown is Montreal Canada, but until July, I lived in Ottawa Canada. Then I moved to Beijing China and that is the furthest I travelled, both in terms of distance and culture shock. I also went to Johannesburg South Africa and Sydney Australia this year. I love to travel and feel very lucky that I am able to do so.

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    I travelled from Illinois to Bonaire in the Netherlands Antilles off the coast of South America and then to Portland, OR all in the span of six weeks. My internal clock was seriously messed up after that. I love to travel and explore new places but I’ll stick close to home this year.

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      That sounds like a fabulous trip. But hell yes for some home time. We had four weddings in eight weeks this fall (all airplane rides away) and I am SO ready to just sit home. * @rukristin

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    I am in South Dakota, and in October I traveled to Connecticut and Vermont for leaf peeping, and then drove into New York for a few days of sight-seeing.  Next week, I leave for a trip to Iceland with my family!


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      I’d love to hear about Iceland when you return. It’s #1 on my list. I just have to talk the Husband in to a cold weather vacation.

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      I would love to hear how you found Iceland Kari as we’re off to Reykjavik next week for 4 nights and I’m so excited! I’m hoping for lots of good photos…when it’s light! Really hope you had a wonderful trip.

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    I am in BC, Canada. The farthest I traveled last year was to PEI and Nova Scotia to visit my IL’s. This is a bit of a routine trip for my family since we tend to go to a lot of the same places when we go. That’s part of the fun, since what we do at the beach, for example, has changed as my boys have grown, but we also make an effort to include new places to keep it fresh.

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      that sounds fantastic! I would love to get up there and check out some more of Canada. We live so close now, that it just needs to happen. * @rukristin

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        I’m from the UK and we travelled around Nova Scotia a few years back and absolutely loved PEI where we stayed on Brackley Beach, such a wonderfully beautiful place!

        So Kristin go, go, go you’d have an amazing trip.

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     Lea B

    In November we went to DC, which is pretty far from CA and definitely the farthest I’ve been in a long time.

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