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    Travel is a perfect topic for June because so many of us have travel plans in the summertime, and many of us also like to document those trips in our scrapbooking.

    What is your favorite way to document travel? Mini-books, traveler’s notebooks, 12×12 scrapbooks, or something else?

    Also, what are your go-to supplies for travel scrapbooking? Do you use themed travel products or certain colors or certain shapes/icons in your travel scrapbooking?

    And do any of you scrapbook on-the-go?

    I’m quite curious to read about all of your travel scrapbooking preferences and what works for you in telling your travel stories.

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    I’ll get the conversation started. Though I have done many mini-books of my travels in the past, it’s been a long time since I used that particular method of documenting travel. Usually, it’s in 12×12 albums, dedicated to that particular trip, and there might be more than one volume, as in the case of my Florida vacation of 2014.

    Usually, I do use travel-themed products, at least for part of the album, but I don’t limit myself to those products. I like road trips a lot, and I tend to like road trip themed embellishments. I also like to stick to a single embellishment or icon, like a camera, that I’ll include on each page to give the album a cohesive element.

    Occasionally, I will scrapbook on-the-go, but not often, and I haven’t done it recently. What I definitely try to do for every trip is journal frequently so that I record the daily happenings for later, and I take a storage bag for memorabilia. When my husband and I went to Las Vegas in 2015, I did take a travel journal by Stampin’ Up! and filled it with daily notes and memorabilia, though no photos. That was a more thorough on-the-go documentation than I usually do, and it will serve me well when I get around to scrapbooking that trip.

    So far, I haven’t tried traveler’s notebooks for documenting a trip, but I have a feeling that will happen in the near future. That is…when I actually take a trip!

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    Hey Melissa, I am at the beginning of a process for a mini book about my trip to San Antonio to see my grands last March. I am only now sorting photos. So I really need to get to work.😊

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    PS that’s also why I cannot attend the ALP in Michigan. They will be here next week. They come every summer and its all coordinated with the other grandparents and relatives so I could not change the schedule. Bummer!!

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      I’m sorry you can’t attend! But I’m sure you will have tons of fun, and I hope you’ll share details with us. πŸ™‚

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    I’ve always done travelers notebooks for my documenting before I started PL. Those are some of my favorite albums!

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    Ooo, I love reading about how other people document their travels! I’ve only kept a travel journal once, but it was so much fun! I made a quick junk journal out of a cereal box and scrap paper, and only took a few supplies (a couple of rolls of washi tape to stick ephemera in, a pencil, eraser, black pens, and a couple of gel pens). The rest was just ephemera I picked up on the trip. Here are a few examples:

    Hopefully I can do this again and include some photographs like some of you do (I’m terrible at getting mine printed!). I keep seeing that HP sprocket pop up on Instagram, have any of you bought one/used it?

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     Lea B

    Traveler’s notebooks. When we went to DC I took a pocket size TN and made notes and collected ephemera to include. Then when I came back…months later…I put it all together. I think next time I may try to do it on the go because I kept putting off the final project and while it does have a more polished look, I think it lost some of the stories I had forgotten.

    If I do a smaller, quicker trip, I document it in my ongoing “journal” TN.

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    I am SO happy to report that I managed to create a travel journal the whole time I was away! I have been inspired by all the lovely ladies here. I took a deep breath and got it done. I have shared a little on my blog. Not sure where to share it here – still trying to find my way around!


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      It looks awesome, Sharon. Thank you for sharing that with us. πŸ™‚

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      Your travel journal looks amazing! I love Cornwall so much πŸ™‚ nice to β€œmeet” another expat!

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    I have discovered that I cannot scrapbook on the go. I do, however, take lots of notes, either on my phone, or my laptop. I try at the end of each day, but sometimes, that isn’t feasible, so I just try and write the earliest I possibly can. Often that means doing it the next morning before we’re onto the next adventure so that I don’t mix up activities.

    None of my vacation scrapbooks is the same. I started with a 12×12, went to a pocket 6×8 album, went to a TN, and my last one I am doing as 8×8 albums. So far, I think I just will tailor it to the particular vacation.

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