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    Where do you do your crafty shopping? Online? Local shops? Big box stores?

    Links welcome! * @rukristin

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    I do most of my shopping online. Although I’ve cut way back lately, I’ve done a ton of shopping my stash in 2017.

    I get a bunch of my supplies, including my TN inserts at Freckled Fawn.

    I also do a bunch of shopping at Amazon, can’t beat that prime shipping and not having to leave the house haha. * @rukristin

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    I mostly shop online since a lot of scrapbook stores have closed (*sadface*). I shop at Etsy a lot as well. I do Project Life and a lot of planner shops have stickers that are a good size for a pocket card.

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      I always forget about Etsy. Who are some of your favorite Etsy sellers? * @rukristin

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    Who are some of your favorite Etsy sellers?

    I seem to like shops with non-human characters. Wonton In A Million (dim sum and wontons), Once More With Love (these characters look kind of like the Pillsbury Doughboy), and Paper Boysenberry Pie (a furry Cousin It type of creature). I’ve also been buying some TN inserts from various shops.

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    I would say I do most of my shopping for scrappy supplies at Scrappy Chic in Livonia. I also do some shopping online, usually at, though I’ve been known to order from Freckled Fawn and Elle’s Studio as well. I also occasionally shop at Joann’s or Michael’s, if I need something a little more generic. Once in a great while, I shop online at A Cherry on Top, too.

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      I have been to Scrappy Chic!  I try to visit when I go to Megameet.  We still have a lss here in Cincinnati called Stamping Buddies.  I also like to shop thrift stores and Tuesday Morning.  I will run to Michael’s for a needed adhesive or cutting blade refills.

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    I would say I do most of my shopping for scrappy supplies at Scrappy Chic in Livonia.

    I only know of one store in my state: Paper Anthology in NJ. I made my first trip there yesterday and I was so happy! A friend and I made the hour drive and spent an hour and a half shopping. I miss having a scrapbook/papercrafting store nearby. I will be back!

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    I try to support small businesses as much as I can, but I do shop on Amazon and I just places my first order with Joggles and they seem to have discounted, hard to find items. And funny, I was scouring Etsy last night to see what kinds of interesting things I could find to add to my projects!

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    I have to say that I do a lot of mine either from Amazon or Michaels/Joanns. There is no scrapbook shop (that I know of) in Kalamazoo any more. The others are quite a distance. When I go to my daughter’s in St Cloud Minnesota I shop at Crafts Direct. Beautiful shop and independent too. I’m going to visit for a week soon and have been saving lol. Online I just ordered from as I needed just a couple of pages and a few bits and bobs. I was really surprised by their cheap and VERY quick shopping.



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