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    In honor of our theme for February, let’s talk about our favorites.

    Tell us your favorite tools for scrapbooking, your favorite colors to use, your favorite mediums if you’re into mixed media projects, your favorite embellishments. What is your very favorite thing to use on a scrapbook page (or other project) that gets used almost every time you make something?

    What is your favorite everything when it comes to memory keeping?

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    I’ll get us started:

    My favorite tools for scrapbooking are stamps. I love stamping! In fact, that was my “gateway” into this hobby. I especially enjoy incorporating stamping into my scrapbooking pages, and I need to do more of that.

    Favorite supply, something that ends up on everything I make? Patterned paper, and awesome ladies, I have a LOT of it. There are just SO MANY lovely patterns in so many lovely colors, and I want it ALL. (Ok, not ALL, but lots. More. To add to the lots I’ve already got!)

    As for mediums, I’d have to go with ink. I use it often, whether to add a bit of shadow to the edge of patterned paper pieces, or for stamping, or in spray form to add little droplets of color. I’m a very inkie girl!

    Looking forward to seeing what everybody else’s favorites are.

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    I used to feel like I had to reinvent the wheel for every scrapbook layout but now I use Kiwi Lane Design templates in every layout and I get so much more done. So as far as tools, those are my current obsession.

    I’m with you on the favorite supply, patterned paper. I use multiple patterns on every layout.

    Mediums… Not really my thing. I guess I have started to use pens to draw an edge around some plain things to give them a little more pop but that’s about it for mediums for me.

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      I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Kiwi Lane design templates. Are they like sketches?

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        They are clear plastic strips with designed edges. One could look like a chevron pattern and another looks like a scallop. You trace them and cut them out of the paper you choose for that layout. Harder to explain without a picture but so easy to use. I highly recommend for speeding up the scrapbook process.

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    Paper, (obviously LOL) I have a serious obsession with paper, so much so I have a pile of paper that is from at least 10 years ago because I don’t want to use it :/ That said my plan is to actually use some of it this year in my Awesome Ladies Project!

    I love stamps too.

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    I really love stamps too! Just really need to take the time to use them more because they make everything look better. Something that I always use is stars or hearts, obsessed with those as my little “go-to” shapes.

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    I really love stamps too! Just really need to take the time to use them more because they make everything look better. Something that I always use is stars or hearts, obsessed with those as my little “go-to” shapes.

    I’m the same way with hearts and stars.

    I’m also into paper, stamps, and black pens.

    I’ve been crazy into the Travelers Notebooks the past few months. I love having seperate notebooks for each of my projects. They’re so much less overwhelming that way. * @rukristin

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    My favorite is probably patterned paper, as well! I occasionally use plain cardstock as a background, but I almost always reach for patterns first — even when the photos are busy. I just love patterns so much, and I don’t mind if they’re big and bold. I’m sort of minimalist when it comes to fashion and home decor, so scrapbook pages are where I let loose.

    My favorite embellishment that ends up on nearly every page I make is washi tape. I have enough of it to last me for all eternity, so it practically feels like a renewable resource in my stash. I also use a lot of photo corners (traditional ones, stickers made to look like them, and even paper triangles adhered to corners of photos and elements on my page). Can’t get enough of that look, whether it’s in style or not!

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      I have a whole jar full of washi tape. I really need to use it more often, especially because I just bought two collections from Michaels of mermaid themed ones, probably 10 rolls total. 🙂

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     Lea B

    I use travelers notebook inserts for almost my projects.

    My favorite supply that I use with everything is Tombow mono permanent adhesive – roller tape! I buy it in bulk. Next favorite is my Fiskars paper trimmer, best crafting invention ever in my book.

    I use a lot of journal cards because I have so many, I’ve been trying to incorporate them into as many projects as possible. I also love stickers and ephemera.

    I have drawers and drawers of stamps but don’t use them as much as I’d like. Mostly because it’s another set of steps and I get lazy.

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      I have a few traveler’s notebooks. I just bought a cover from Michaels with a mermaid on it, and I’d really like to start using those, but I’m not sure how just yet.

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    I am a pocket page documenter. It provides boundaries for me so I don’t get overwhelmed with the blank page. I also love color pallets; the use of color really speaks to me and pulls me in to a page. Right now I am into pale pink, black and white and gold. Journaling is very important so I try to leave lots of room for that. As far as embellishments go, I like simple graphic pieces (hearts, stars, arrows, dots…). I may use them the same way much too often, but I love it.

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